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Competitive Keywords vs Supporting Keywords

Competitive keywords are the keywords that are used by the most SEO aspirants.  In other words they have the highest usability.  On the other hand supporting keywords are the keywords that render a helping hand to the competitive keywords in a very reliable manner.  In other words it can be said that competitive keywords rely on the supporting keywords to give the best benefits to the website owner or to the affiliate marketer.

Therefore it goes without saying that supporting keywords also should be made use of by you in an effective manner so that your competitive keywords get optimized in the process.  There is a methodology to follow while using the competitive and the supporting keywords while writing content.  Always keep the competitive keywords in your mind while writing content for blogs or websites in a bid to gain effective backlinks to your business site.  At the same time use the supporting keywords in several other related blogs where you would place links to your site.

For example go to a related or a relevant blog and write an article or content using supporting keywords.  The anchor text in turn will take the visitor to your main website when clicked.  Thus a given supporting keyword helps in building up potential traffic for your business website when placed in the content on a related blog or site.  Repeat the process for several other relevant blogs or sites.

If you can repeat the process explained above then more and more potential visitors would throng your site by virtue of the supporting keywords place in different blogs.  Hence the idea of supporting keywords works magic when it comes to driving quality traffic to your site.  Experienced SEO specialists are of the opinion that competitive keywords and supporting keywords a kind of team work to secure a good page rank for your business website.


What is Best Keyword Research and Analysis Software?

Although there are really many of good keyword research tools in the market, but the best one you can use is “Market Samurai“, which offer many quality features :

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3- Beat the competition, and get highest rankings for  more traffic.


in addition to other Built in tools in the same software:

*Rank Tracker: track your rankings over time instantly.
*SEO Competition Analysis: analyse the strength of competition in any niche.
*Domains Finder: get the domain that will boost your website rankings.
*Find Content: research articles, and get content to republish immediately
*Monetization: turn traffic into cash with instant affiliate ads, published straight to your website.
*Publish Content: write, schedule and publish content straight to your blog.
*Promotion: build high authority backlinks to improve your site rankings.

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