College Education Should be Free, Shouldn’t It?

Internet and MOOCs have changed the way we regard the higher education. So the questions begin.

Should college be free for all, like many open online courses are? Or should young people continue to be enslaved by enormous student loans?

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These controversial questions make many youngsters forgo higher education and take their academic and career development needs into their own hands. Let’s take a closer look at the issue of free higher education. We will cover the benefits and shortcomings of a free college. You might have a firm stance on this, but did you really consider all repercussions of free education?

 University Education Should Be Free For Everyone 

There are many countries that offer free high education to young men and women. Their governments foot the bill and provide financial support for universities and colleges using revenue from taxes. Most countries offer free education for their own citizens, though some, like Germany, are ready to cover the costs for international applicants with sufficient academic achievements.

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 The benefits of free education are numerous: 

1 More people would be able to enter colleges and universities to obtain academic degrees, even those from poor backgrounds.


2 Getting a degree for free would save countless students from the need to pay off their loans. Parents in low-income families would not have to moonlight and work the double shifts to get their children through college.


3 Free education would offer a wider choice of employment for students who would not be able to afford college otherwise.


4 The possibility to get accepted to college and study for free would motivate high school students to get better grades.


5 A society with a higher number of highly-educated people would become more mature and stable. Education could eliminate the bigotry and intolerance still widely spread among certain groups.


6 Free education would decrease the stress levels for young people and their parents, meaning better psychological and physical health of the nation as a whole. Insurance companies could benefit, but doctors might not be as ecstatic about the prospect.

This is just a tip of the iceberg. The repercussions of making higher education free could cause unpredictable changes for any country. So of course, there is the other side of the story. If you are wondering why college education should not be free, after all, read on.

 The Disadvantages Of The Free College Education 

There is no good enough reason why education should be free until someone benefits from the existing system. Let’s say, medical and technical education was free, and there would be more qualified doctors and engineers. But with the increased number of specialists, the competition would grow, and the costs of their labor would inevitably go down. What is good for the society as a whole is not always good for workers of certain industries.

Another thing to consider is the cost of post-graduate education. While Bachelor degrees are the most popular and widespread, the costs of teaching a Bachelor are much less than those of teaching a Master. Moreover, Master’s degree is usually required of top managers and executives. So why shouldn’t people willing to invest time into getting their MBA pay the price of a degree too?

The same goes for those who wish to get a second or a third university degree after graduation. Should the government pay for a person to spend their whole life within the university walls getting knowledge but never applying it for the good of the society? There should be a safeguard that precludes students from abusing the benefits of free education. To ensure fair treatment, many countries offer a single possibility to attain an academic degree for free, while second degrees are to be paid for.

 Academic Writing Services For Fee-Based Education 

Paper writing service providers are frowned upon by professors and college administrators alike. Many higher education institutions consider buying papers an act of cheating and readily expel students who have been caught red-handed. Otherwise, students get a bad record and a ruined academic reputation that can haunt them even after graduation.

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But is paying for a college education that much different from paying the best custom writing companies to create papers for you? You pay your college or university thousands of dollars a year to provide instructors and professors able to share their knowledge and skills. But unlike any other service industry, you cannot influence the courses you are taught or the homework you are assigned. You are lucky if you get an end of the year course and professor assessment form to evaluate your experience. However, your money has already been paid, and you cannot get a refund even if you are dissatisfied with the service provided.

So why shouldn’t you use check writing services or hire companies writing papers for a fee, if you are not content with the amount of homework you have to deal with? This is especially true for those students who have already transferred thousands of dollars to their colleges and universities accounts but did not get access to the high-quality education they were hoping for.

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As you see, the controversy surrounding the issue of free higher education is fierce. It is doubtful there will ever be a universal solution suitable for every country and nation. While we surely need more highly-educated and trained professionals, free colleges and universities offer too many possibilities of abuse. Meanwhile, students are still required to pay for the higher education even if they are dissatisfied with the quality of teaching. And online academic writing services offer a suitable solution for those who are not willing to waste their precious time on unnecessary assignments.

Which side of the argument do you support?

Should college education be free for all? Or should universities continue to charge the students while simultaneously allowing them to procure papers for a fee?

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