Top 9 Coleman Tent Designs

Coleman tents is one of the best high quality of camping tents, it has a great selection of camping tents that will suit everyone. The family tents, the couples tents, and the long stay tents. Coleman tents are durable, stylish and easy to assemble.

If you are going camping with the family or a group of friends you need plenty of space so the Coleman family tent will be so much suitable for you. There are some of its best characteristics, it is a three room tent featuring fully sectioned bedrooms either side of the living area of 200 x 280cm,  it includes a  large front and rear D-doors with fully meshed screens, a central room mesh roof panels to allow good ventilation and improve comfort, there are  large windows with external weatherproof flaps at the bedrooms.

2000001595 Top 9 Coleman Tent Designs

If you are going camping alone or if your are couples, you will not need the full size tent but you want a spare couple of rooms for changing and storage. So the Coleman couples tent will be the best choice and there are some of its features, the poles are per-attached to tent, it has three large windows for ventilation, and exclusive Weather Tec TM system that keeps you dry.

coleman-weekend-3-person-tent1-1 Top 9 Coleman Tent Designs

If you are staying outside for a long time, you want to make sure you have some thing that can withstand the elements of wind, rain or extreme heat. You  want to consider your access to power to fuel your appliances. Coleman provide you with some power instruments such as Coleman’s highest output pump, 11-watt fluorescent spiral U-tube for a brighter, whiter light.

The tent is provided by so many means of comfort such as a padded seat, insulated cooler, inbuilt cup holder and mesh organizer. A tent Fan with led light and a double high foundation quick-bed.

QuiltedAirDoubleHighQuickbed_Queen3 Top 9 Coleman Tent Designs

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