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CloudSigma.com Hosting Review !

 About The Host:

CloudSigma, an innovative provider of Infrastructure-as-a-Service, is located in Zurich, Switzerland. This is one of the top cloud companies that is providing flexible servers and high availability hosting both in the US and Europe.

Unlike many IaaS providers, this company is not offering bundled products so customers can fine tune their resources. Besides that, customers are able to see the actual computing costs to purchase exactly what is needed by billing the resources separately in transparent and simple units.

As a provider of pure IaaS, CloudSigma don’t have restrictions on software or access to service. All customers have full control to install, scale and customize their servers to suit their needs.

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 Services and features of The Host:

CloudSigma is offering four main Infrastructure-as-a-Service products: data storage, bandwidth, RAM and CPU.


 Key Features:

  • Free Choice of OS (operating systems)
  • Persistent servers and storage
  • Flexible sizing of non-bundled resource
  • Encrypted Storage – 100% AES 256bit
  • Five minute billing cycles
  • Free trial for 7 days – no obligation
  • Fast European location
  • Scalable Resources – Fully Independent
  • Run Any Software and Operating System
  • Guaranteed RAM, CPU and Storage Allocation
  • Automatic Failover and Redundancy
  • Web or API Console
  • 100% SLA w/ x50 credit


 Advantages of The Host:

1. Full software control, customers are able to use their choice of operating system.

2. True flexibility, all computing resources are scaled independently.

3. Transparent billing system, customers have the option to get subscription without upfront fees or pay as they go.

4. Standard server, disk and networking functionality.

5. Customers can share and communicate ideas as well as software.

6. 100% Service Level Agreement.

7. Customers data is stored on servers near Zurich, at Glattbrugg, so they are protected fully by the strict privacy and data protection laws in Switzerland

8. Reliability, customers can depend on the availability of CloudSigma cloud services as they strive to offer dependable, stable and robust service.


 Guarantees of The Host:

CloudSigma is offering a seven day free trial with no obligation, no risk!


 Reliability Of The Host:

CloudSigma data center is located in Zurich, Switzerland and is shared with many financial institutions which require the highest level of security. This is the Interxion data center and it features multi-layer security system; advanced generation fire, electrical and water systems to ensure the availability and physical security of our servers; redundant power supply with UPS back-up, cooling, networking and server components; diesel generator backup; 99.999%  Service Level Agreement and a state-of-the art monitoring system.

In addition, their platform guarantees fully configurable virtual servers which runs in an environment that is completely isolated and independent to maximize flexibility and security. All of this ensures that customers are provided with high reliability, security and performance.


 What I Didn’t Like In The Host:

There are no problems so far!


 Customer Support:

Customers are provided with support via live chat, telephone and email.


 The Host Coupons, Offers Or deals if available:

There are no special offers or coupons at this time.



CloudSigma is providing an innovative IaaS or Instrastructure-as-a-Service product that can deliver the most open and flexible on-demand cloud servers in the industry today. Customers who choose this provider have total access to start, create, stop and resize virtual servers through an API or web interface.

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