Climbing Equipment

There are so many different kinds of equipments which suit the nature of climbing  mountains and rocks. Hiking and climbing mountains is not a usual sport but it is like a challenge between man and nature so it requires some special equipments  according to the weather conditions,  these equipments must protect the climber against the consequences of a fall.  The climbing ropes are made of strong material and its core gives the rope desirable handling characteristics.

The webbing is tied together at the ends, it is used for Extending the distance between protection and a tie-in point,protecting a rope that hangs over a sharp edge, and in  carrying equipment. Carbine-rs are metal loops with spring-loaded gates, they are either made from aluminum or steel, Steel carbine-rs are much heavier, but harder wearing, and therefore are often used by instructors when working with groups.

Quick-draws are used by climbers to connect ropes to bolt anchors, or to other traditional protection, allowing the rope to move through the anchoring system with minimal friction.  A harness is a system used for connecting the rope to the climber, some climbers use full body harnesses when there is a chance of inverting, or when carrying a heavy bag. There are also chest harnesses, which are used only in combination with a sit harness; this combination provides the same advantages as a full body harness. Belay devices are mechanical friction brake devices used to control a rope when belaying. The rappel devices or the descenders,these devices are friction brakes which are designed for descending ropes.

climbing equipments

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