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ClickSSL is a trusted and leading SSL service provider (On Aboutus & Alexa). The company’s headquarter is in Delaware, United States. ClickSSL is an effective partner with chief SSL Certificate providers like VeriSign, Thwte, RapidSSL, and GeoTrust. ClickSSL provides maximum customer support, including live chat options, 24/7 customer care facility.ClickSSL developed a large amount of customer databases all over the globe. ClickSSL aims at providing high-quality SSL certificate with a delivery of zenith customer satisfaction. ClickSSL is a customer centric provider. We take care of customer’s choice, budget, and their trust within us. ClickSSL has multiple categories of products according to enterprise’s need.


 Company Services (A Product Lineament):

ClickSSL provides various types of SSL certificates like EV SSL, SAN SSL, Wildcard SSL, Code Signing Certificates, Domain Validation, Business Validation, SGC Certificates and Website anti-malware scan. ClickSSL deals with VeriSign, Thwte, and RapidSSL and GeoTrust certificate authorities.

RapidSSL has two types of SSL certificates like RapidSSL and RapidSSL Wildcard certificate. It offers rapid issuance with no paperwork. Such certificate is compatible with 99% browsers. It is available with $10,000 warranty.

Thawte comes with 256-bit encryption with secure seal. Thwte offers various categories of SSL certificate like SSL123, Wildcard Certificate, Web server certificate, code signing certificate and SGC certificate. It goes with $1, 00,000 USD warranty. It is easy to install on an E – commerce website.

GeoTrust follows an unlimited server license. It provides huge discounts therefore; a small size business also can take advantage of the SSL certificate. The GeoTrust certificate, moreover, supports the mobile and iPad application. It secures three sub-domains free.

VeriSign provides complete business authentication. It goes with $10, 00,000 warranty, plus free anti-malware scan. As per research, VeriSign has a highest encryption platform in the industry. It provides encryption from 40-bit to be 256-bit.


 Guarantees of ClickSSL:

ClickSSL provides 100% money-back guarantee within 30-day period, and it offers high assurance customer support.


 Why Choose This ClickSSL (Advantages):

ClickSSL offers extensive solutions for online business. ClickSSL also provides a solution to government bodies, educational organization, and other private entities. Our interactive customer support and rapid service place ClickSSL in higher position in the industry. Our end-to-end solution helps our clients to run their business smoothly. ClickSSL offers distinctive online payment options to customers. ClickSSL bids huge discounts on unusual certificates. ClickSSL is having a broaden portfolio of products as per different client’s needs. ClickSSL has an expert team for customer support and live chat available for 24 hours.


 What I Don’t Like (Disadvantages):

ClickSSL owns a large portfolio of customers with an acme satisfaction ratio. ClickSSL rapidly solves the issue arise on the customer side. As discussed earlier, ClickSSL is famous for his rapid and reliable customer service. Hence, ClickSSL offers no disadvantage but a quick and trustworthy service to customers.


 Support Methods of Company:

ClickSSL supports email and live chat option by 24*7*365 days. ClickSSL also provides online query solution and a feedback forum.



Coupons or Deals:

ClickSSL timely announces for promo codes or any discount offers. Currently, coupon code of different SSL category is available at discount price. Ckeck their Promotions Page …



Final Conclusion:

ClickSSL is a reputed and the most prominent reseller of different SSL providers. ClickSSL platform invites every E-commerce business body for their motto of securing their business. It has different kinds of certificates with a slogan of serving people better.

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