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79 Amazing Christmas Tree Decorations

Christmas is an annual festival of the birth of Jesus Christ which is the perfect time every year to spend time together and celebrate with all your family and friends. One of the manifestations of this celebration is the Christmas tree which considers our chance to show the small artist who find inside us in decorations.

With the approach of the celebration, there are some questions about choosing the Christmas tree that always come to our minds like should you get an artificial tree, a wall mounted tree or a real tree? what size will it be? where will you put it? What will you use to decorate it? how will you decorate it? Whatever your answer was, you must put into your consideration some important things about the required tree; choose a fresca healthy green tree which mustn’t be a large one, but big enough to be impressive with the decoration and to fit the place you are going to put in easily and let space for yourself to move around it.

an artificial tree
a wall mounted tree
real Christmas tree

After choosing, cleaning and preparing your tree come the second step ” decorating” or what will you use to decorate your tree and how? There are many ways to decorate the Christmas tree some of them are traditional and the other are modern and creative whatever what you chose in decoration, in the end it expresses only your taste and part of your character.

There are many things you can use to decorate your Christmas tree

The traditional decorations such as bells, candles, candy canes, stockings, flags, starfish, wreaths, and angels

Handmade ornament ideas like Christmas images card: you can made it by cutting all the images you loved from the last year, color its back with any color you love and hang it from the tree with a shiny pin or ribbon. Your children can do stars with papers and color them with bright colors and hang them too.

Also you can cook some cookies like gingerbread or shortbread cookies and don’t forget to make a hole so that you can hang it from the tree.

Snow: you can use snow to make amazing snowy Creature and hang them in the tree like a small snowman, Santa Claus or your favorite animal such as an owl, cat or a bird and hide them among the tree branches. You can add some colors to these creatures.

Glitter Decorations: that converts anything pale to a new shiny and bright one

Party Streamers, ribbons, chains and lace: putting them at the ends of tree branches gives your tree attractive look upside down.

Toys: you can use your children’s toys to decorate your tree this will make your children feel great happiness as this means special memories to them.

Lights: add sparkle and shine look to your tree and make all your decoration looks impressive and attractive

You can coordinate colors with each other, there are traditional colors of Christmas decorations like red, green, silver and gold. Besides some popular color combinations such as red and gold, blue and silver, white and silver, green and blue. There are modern colors that appear recently like pink and purple or you can add colors according to your taste.