Choosing The Perfect Chandelier

Chandeliers are beautiful devices which can add an amazing look to any room where it placed if you choose it well. To choose the perfect chandelier, you should to focus on the decor of the room to make it goes along with the chandelier. There are other ideas may come to your mind such as its size, its place, the light which it emits and the materials from which it is made.

Chandeliers are more than just emitting lights, but it became one of the charming decor of your home. You should not choose a  very big chandelier or a very small one. The perfect size is to figure out the width and length of the room, let’s assume it is 15 by 10 feet, then calculate 15+10=25; this means that the perfect size of chandelier to this room is 25 inches.

Hanging chandeliers have many sizes and lights to emit such as a three-light chandelier, a six-light chandelier, a nine-light chandelier or a twelve-light chandelier, this means that you have the right to determine the most suitable one for your room. You should consider if the ceiling of the room is low and the room is large, so you should hang two chandeliers on the ceiling.

You should make sure of  its weight and length to be appropriate to the area. There are many chandeliers of various sizes, colors, length and materials. Crystal chandeliers are made of plastic crystals and it could be suitable for girl’s room or a rustic dining room; there are other shapes and styles of modern chandeliers such as the rectangular chandelier which is made of a hundred pieces of dangling glass.

Some images of different styles of chandeliers









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