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Choose a New Color for Your Home in The New Year

     By the coming of a new year, you try to make every thing around you new even you your self, you try to make changes in your look to finally receive the new year with a new and beautiful look. You look for the new styles, materials and colors that are launched in the occasion of the new year. One of the most important things that we care about in this occasion is home, because it is the place where we rest our bodies and brains after along day filled with tiring and unpleasant matters that annoy us. We care about the colors of our home because they greatly affect us in an incredible way.

     The colors in the new year depend basically on nature. They are simple, neutral and different from the bright colors of the last year. You can find many colors that will certainly attract your attention and look stylish. The main colors of the new year are blue, green, grey, yellow, pink, purple, navy and other colors. You can find some of these colors mixed with the other ones in this group and you can find them in different degrees. The blue and green colors are serene and natural that you can find them outdoor in plants, sea and sky.

Living Room Simple Design
nice room

The yellow color is an active color that spreads vitality and energy in your home as it is the color of the sun and sand.


Living room with natural furniture
family room floor fan

Colors can play tricks on us as they can make the large places look smaller to us in their size by using dark colors, and using bright colors make the small places look larger and wider to us than they really are according to the measurements.

white and black
2013 trends
living room
kids room design image kids room design inspiration 2013

So, try to choose the suitable color for the walls, ceiling, carpets, and furniture in your home to finally get an amazing, well painted and inviting home.

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