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20 Cheapest Bedroom Ideas to Make Your Space Look Expensive

The bedroom is the sanctuary that we resort to for relaxation and comfort, and to recharge our batteries for a new day. Therefore, it’s vital for each one to be satisfied with the look of his/her room. If you are not content with its design but have neither time nor a clear idea of what to do, or worried about the costs, then no need to postpone your desire anymore. There are several affordable bedroom decor trends that you can apply with the minimum effort. Inspired by the 2019 bedroom design trends, here are 20 cheap bedroom decor ideas to make your space look expensive.

1 Chandeliers or hanging lights

Chandeliers are a classy lighting option. They would spread a sense of luxury in the whole space, so as statement hanging lights. Just make sure that the new lighting fixture complements the bedroom style and decor well. For example, a classic chandelier makes a perfect contrast with a modern-styled bedroom and vice versa.

2 A statement piece

Do not overuse statement furniture in your bedroom unless it is a wide one. A luxurious-looking bedroom is more about simplicity and how to employ the space you have smartly. For small and medium bedrooms, go for one statement centerpiece and keep the rest simple. It could be the bed, dresser, a velvet armchair or hanging chair. Also, keep the space breezy and clean; get rid of everything that clutters the room.

3 A touch of greenery

Green plants do not just add an expensive look to your room but freshen it as well. They would make you feel relaxed and comfortable inside the four walls of the room. According to the size of the bedroom, choose between large plants like ferns and small potted plants. And keep in mind that a primary aspect of luxurious interior design is to invite nature into the home.

4 Pay attention to the nightstand

Your nightstand has a lot to add to the look of your room only if you allowed it. If yours looks dull, replace it with a stylish bedside table. It’s an affordable change that you could manage. Search the Internet, and you will find a lot of fantastic designs in various styles. Nightstands with gold accents are a significant decor trend in 2019. The second element is to keep it organized creatively. A lampshade with an unusual design or metallic accent could serve you well.

5 Add a tray

A luxurious-looking tray could instantly add a luxurious touch to the bedroom. Place it on the nightstand or dresser. It would help you organize them elegantly. A beautiful tray doesn’t have to be expensive. Just be creative and patient while looking for your decorative piece; search for a tray with an unusual design. Then, you could coat it with gold, copper, or silver metallic paint.

6 A deluxe blanket

Complementing your bed with a thick, elegant blanket would provide your bedroom with the expensive look you seek. Plus, it guarantees warmth. Obtain a throw blanket of wool, velvet, or faux fur. Stay away from noisy patterned blankets; instead, go for a simple design or plain color. Animal prints are another classy option.

7 An artwork

It’s vital to personalize the space with a beautiful artwork piece that expresses you. Also, to make it a luxurious addition, make sure it harmonizes with the style and colors of the bedroom. Plus, consider the pieces of metallic accents for a vibrant, high-end touch. Hang your piece above a noticeable spot, such as the bedhead, or on the nightstand to achieve the desired impact.

8 An antique

A high-end bedroom should comprise a decorative antique. An elegant antique piece adds a classic, vintage vibe to the space of the bedroom. Go for a classic-looking furniture piece, mirror, lamp, antique box, picture frame, etc.

9  Replace old hardware

It’s quite an effective way to add an expensive, new look to old furniture. Change the dull hardware of the bedroom, including the drawers’ pulls and wardrobe’s knobs, with an attractive, contemporary set. Glass or metal hardware of classy designs is a good option.

10 Install decorative molding

Decorative molding certainly adds an expensive look to the room. Pick a crown molding idea that suits the space and style of your bedroom. You could apply it yourself if you are into DIY-ing or with the aid of a professional. It’s a cheap method that guarantees excellent results.

11 Layering pillows

The way your pillows look and how you style them on the bed plays a significant role in the overall appearance of the bedroom. To create an upscale bedroom look using the pillows, first, overfill them then arrange them in layers. To avoid over-styling the bed, don’t let the pillows exceed the quarter of the bed’s length, as Andrew Suvalsky, principal interior designer, states on Mydomaine.

12 Rods and drapes

You could renew the bedroom and make it look expensive with a stylish-designed curtain rod. If the drapes look old and dull, replace them too with more vibrant ones. And to make the space of the room looks wider than it is, put the rod only one or two inches below the ceiling line.

13 A reading corner

Sparing a space in the bedroom for reading or relaxing dimensionalizes and enriches the room look. Search for a chair, side table and maybe a floor stand lamp that match the size and interior design of the bedroom. It’s an affordable way to transform your sleeping area to a multipurpose, deluxe space.

14 Create an organized mess

It’s a huge decor trend in 2019. Don’t over-organize the space. Bedrooms are supposed to be spots for relaxation and comfort. Therefore, a degree of mess creates a lovable spontaneity. Experiment until you reach a satisfying result and consider the size of the room while doing so. If the bedroom looks cluttered, then you haven’t applied the trend right. A cheap item that could help you achieve the look is small portable clothes placed in the corner of the room.

15 Grey walls with a colorful accent

The popularity of this interior design trend has been growing, and it’s expected to rock 2019. The luxurious look consists of two primary elements: light grey walls and a colored decorative or furniture piece to contrast the neutral color. The colorless-seeming tone emphasizes the life and color transmitted from the colored item, be it artwork, blanket, rug, statement chair, etc.

16 A Surreal touch

Surrealism is a big bedroom design trend in 2019. You don’t have to execute a surreal-style bedroom as you may need to change the whole design of the room which will cost you a lot. Instead, update your bedroom with a surreal piece/s that blends well with the current design of the bedroom. The new piece could be an artwork, lamp, patterned rug, etc.

17 Adopt minimalism

Applying the minimalist style would deliver you a sophisticated bedroom. Today, elegance is more about simplicity. Plus, it’s ideal for small and medium bedrooms, for it provides extra, clean spaces.

18 A deluxe headboard

The headboard of the bed is a focal point in the bedroom. Therefore, a new headboard can renew and enrich the look of the room. Velvet headboards are a trend that is expected to stay throughout 2019. It will no doubt make your bedroom look elegantly expensive.

19 A handcrafted piece

If you seek a classic, sophisticated addition to your bedroom, enrich the space with a handcrafted piece. It could be a dresser, bedside table, chair, headboard, sculpture, etc. The retro decor trend is receiving growing admiration and is expected to rule in 2019.

20 Blush hues

The blush degrees is growing popular as neutrals in the world of home interior design. The color looks quite elegant and calming. So, incorporating it into your bedroom seems an excellent option.

Changing your bedroom to look classily expensive is a matter of imagination and using the space that you have smartly, not just money. There are several cheap ways to enhance the room decor. You don’t need to spend a fortune doing so. We hope that the previous ideas have been inspirational and of benefit to you.