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What Criteria To Look For in Cheap Dedicated Server Hosting?!

cheap dedicated server hosting

Dedicated Server is an entire server only dedicated for you, no other customers websites or domains on it, no virtual sharing with any other customers of the same comapny. It is like owning your own server, but not at your house.

Who need Dedicated Server?

Dedicated server hosting is for websites that need its own server without any other accounts  on it. This is for sites that need the whole computer’s bandwidth and resources. These Package plans can cost around $80-$200 per month.

cheap dedicated server hosting for Video Site script: most hosting providers does not allow streaming videos like metacafe and youtube for hosting as it takes too much bandwidth too,  so the costs will be very high.


list of things you should evaluate in cheap dedicated web servers When looking for cheapest dedicated server hosting plan:

1- If this cheap virtual dedicated servers have a UPS connected to it.

2- If the features have a back up generator.

3- Do they offer a suitable user interface to manage your server.

4- Can you remotely power-off the dedicated servers.

5- Is the CPU and memory sufficient to do any job you need the dedicated server to do.

Usually above 2 gig Memory and 1 GHz CPU with a 200 Gig disk is minimum required.

6- Can you get a hardware firewall as a frontend to your server.

7- Are you well-educated to trouble shoot a server remotely, if not then ask about the price of the services from the web hosting company.

After Evaluation, it’s may still hard to choose cheapest dedicated server hosting with the best features. It depends upon your budget and needs. How much it will cost you is one of the most significant considerations to have your website up and online.

Because of intense competition, web hosting providers are lowering their prices and buyers still can get an excellent features and support.

If you still having problem choosing a cheapest dedicated server hosting to use with best features, Then as an experienced webmaster I recommend to stick with inmotion hosting cheap dedicated server which I’m sure it would work for you and fulfill all your requirements, they’ve some very attractive pricing and have a  30days money back guarantee too.

I’m using inmotion hosting as cheap dedicated server hosting for almost 3 years, no compliants and no downtime, and so far I am definitely pleased with their reliable cheap dedicated servers and great dedicated tech support. They’re friendly and can help you with whatever you want.

in motion hosting cheap dedicated server web hosting offer both windows and linux dedicated server hosting,  that’s unique because several affordable web hosting companies don’t offer both, and as you may know with windows you will be able to do a lot more jobs with .net framework.

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