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4 Challenges DCIM Software Can Help Companies Address

Companies nowadays don’t just have data sets; they have entire data lakes and warehouses. To put it lightly, there’s more data to collect and store from more interconnected devices than ever before. The upside here is businesses have more data to draw on when making decisions and evaluating performance. The challenge then becomes figuring out how to efficiently and effectively manage this data, so it’s possible to extract as much value from it as possible. An organization’s approach to data center infrastructure management (DCIM) will play a leading role in how well it’s able to interpret data and harness valuable insights lurking within. DCIM also allows managers to keep close tabs on facilities, infrastructure, and performance in real-time. Here are four challenges advanced DCIM software can help companies address.

1 Managing Data Centers Remotely

Datacenter management used to happen on-site, which meant employees had to be on the premises to work with legacy DCIM tech. But, thanks to the advent of cloud-based DCIM software, it’s now possible for authorized users to monitor and manage data centers remotely. Companies can also take a hybrid approach in which they use a combination of on-premise and cloud based DCIM tech. When IT managers can monitor and manage data centers remotely, they can respond to system alerts quickly — like overheating, flooding, or an unauthorized user trying to gain access to a server. Cloud-based DCIM also allows organizations with multiple worksites to monitor and troubleshoot them flexibly rather than requiring IT managers to be tied to just one location.

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2 Optimizing the Power Network

Utilizing resources effectively is always a challenge. The last thing businesses want to do is pay for more electricity, heating, and cooling than they need. DCIM software provides insights into energy consumption by device — which organizations can then use to make adjustments as needed. An example here would be collecting data points from meters installed in switchgear, power quality equipment, and various machines. The result? Companies can use DCIM to spot problems, identify usage patterns, and establish goals for their energy usage. This has the potential to reduce operating costs and make operations eco-friendlier.

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3 Reducing Operating Expenses

As mentioned above, data insights captured by DCIM can help decision-makers throughout an organization figure out how to reduce inefficiencies and solve problems. But DCIM goes one step farther — in addition to gathering data, it analyzes it and offers suggestions for improvements. Here’s one example outlined by an engineering expert for FedTech: A Navy ship contains millions of sensors. But collecting this information alone leads to a flow of unrelated information. The key to improving performance and reducing operating expenses is management. So, “DCIM gathers the data that comes in, correlates it, and finds patterns to determine the most relevant improvements.” In this example, the Navy might find something as simple as scraping the barnacles off the hull “would reduce drag and improve speed.” Apply this principle to a commercial or industrial enterprise, and you can see how many opportunities there are to refine performance with an eye toward cost and efficiency using DCIM.

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4 Minimizing Downtime of Data Center Assets

Downtime is a challenge — a frustrating and costly one at that. DCIM can help organizations take a proactive approach to equipment maintenance and upgrades, rather than having to wait for something to break down before replacing it. IT managers can get real-time insights as well as early warnings. This is an integral aspect of minimizing downtime. DCIM software can help organizations address several challenges, including the pressure to keep costs low and functionality high.

DCIM-software-675x450 4 Challenges DCIM Software Can Help Companies Address

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