Challenge Your Mind Through Playing These Famous Mind Tricks

When you look for the most complicated object in your body and may be the whole world, you will find that it is your brain. Although your mind is extremely complex to the extent that it is difficult to be imitated, it is still easy to be tricked because the mind focuses on specific things. There are several ways through which you can trick different minds whether it is yours or your friends’ and family’s minds. There are simple brain games that can allow you to enjoy your time and challenge yourselves. Here are some of the most amazing mind tricks that will fascinate you.


What is the direction to which the bus is headed?
What is the direction to which the bus is headed?

♦ School bus trick: Look at the bus and decide what is the direction to which the bus is headed? try to guess. The answer is the left direction and this is because the entrance of the bus is always on the other side which is the right side.

What is behind the lines?
What is behind the lines?


♦ Shake your head: Do you see what is behind the lines? In order to see it shake your head. Yes, as you do now, is it clear now? That’s enough, stop shaking your head in order not to feel dizzy.

Complete the answer
Who is the missed?

♦ Complete the answer: One of the most interesting ways for tricking minds is asking questions such as the following easy one which can be easily answered but your answer will be wrong. Ask a question, say a part of the answer and let those who listen to you complete your answer. For example: John has three brothers: June, July and ……? If their answer is “August” which is the most logical answer, you will simply say it is not “August”, it is “Richard” or any other name that you want.

What is wrong here?
What is wrong here?

♦ Is there anything strange: Try to look at this picture and read what is written on the card. If you do not find anything strange or wrong, you are fooled because there is a word which is repeated and it is the word “you”.


How many of each kind did Moses take on his Ark?
How many of each kind did Moses take on his Ark?

♦ Religious questions: You can choose a biblical or any other religious question that can be easily answered but change some words. For example: How many of each kind did Moses take on his ark? If your answer is two, it is wrong because it is not Moses who took animals on the ark, it is “Noah”.


♦ Left & right brain conflict: look at the picture and say the color of the words without reading the words themselves. You will find that is difficult to continue saying colors without reading the words.


♦ Optical illusion: It is one of the most common ways for tricking the mind as interpreting any image by your mind is based on what you see with your eyes which can be easily deceived. Optical illusion can be done through using 3D images and stereogram.


Try to test your mind and solve these mind tricks on your own without reading the answer. Challenge your friends and ask them to solve the tricks to enjoy your time with them.

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