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Editorial Certified Hosting Review:

Certified Hosting solutions was founded in 1999 as a hosting company based in Southern California to offer several kinds of hosting services to individuals, small businesses and Fortune 500 companies all over the world.


Certified Hosting Review of Features:

I ‘ll try out in this CertifiedHosting.com Review to explain most of its features in details depending on many customer Certified Hosting Solutions Reviews:

Certified Hosting provides 4 types of Web hosting: shared, Reseller, Managed Dedicated Server Hosting and FFmpeg Hosting solutions.

Their shared hosting include 3 plans (dork, geek, and nerd plans) which are all inexpensive and varies basically in number of allowed hosted domains plus many other features. While all these plans provide unlimited options; unlimited bandwidth, unlimited disk space, unlimited databases and e-mail options. In addition, immediate account set up and regular back up can be found free of charge for all those accounts. These shared plans have also the widely used cPanel as the control panel.

For Reseller type hosting, it includes 3 plans that also regarded as inexpensive and higher reliable when compared with different web hosting providers. These plans are different mainly in bandwidth and disk space. All of their plans will include free billing software and free domain name reseller account along with many unlimited options. These kinds of plans can not be seen in all other web hosting providers with such discounted prices.

About their dedicated server plans, it was not so competitive with regards to prices, while still reliable and very solid servers with high quality options and complete administration (management).

Bonuses – Free templates, Free website building software and free single click installing of Hundreds of scripts (CMS, blogs, portals, forums, wordpress, image galleries, shopping carts, e-mail lists and much more ….).

Certified Hosting Uptime Guarantee – due to their high reliable web servers, CertifiedHosting offer 99.999% uptime guarantee with no worries at all.

Anytime Money-back Guarantee – Certified Hosting offers any time money back guarantee. You can test out their products and services and still can receive a complete refund any time in case you are not totally happy.


What’s BAD in Certified Hosting?

Many people may ask: What is Certified Hosting problems? & Does Certified Hosting has any complaints?

It’s just one matter which slightly annoyed me,  was their cPanel got customized logos/skin. Many customers are often used to the regular cPanel design. I’m absolutely sure there was a method to adjust its appear, however I never tried to look into it.


Certified Hosting Review of Customer Support:

Certified Hosting offer 24/7 personalized support for all customers levels by very helpful team, in addition to many other methods which include:

1- Online Ticketing System
2- 24×7 Phone, Email and Chat Support
3- Online Video Lessons
4- Comprehensive KnowledgeBase
5- Certified Online Community Access
6- 24/7/365 Server Monitoring


Conclusion of These Certified Hosting Reviews:

I did my best to show you every thing honestly in these Certified Hosting Reviews.

With all their quality features, inexpensive prices, solid uptime guarantee and anytime money-back guarantee with their hosting services you haven’t anything to lose!


Certified Hosting Promo Codes & Coupons:

some asked me if there is any Certified Hosting coupon codes (CertifiedHosting.com promo code)?

Yes, this company may offer exclusive Certified Hosting promotions, special deals, or Certified Hosting promo code to increase its customer base.

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  1. Certified Hosting has gone above and beyond the call of duty for me. Hosting was simple to set up, they are very efficient and extremely affordable.

    I have two websites hosted and it only costs $15/month. One is a full functional membership site and whenever I have a problem or question their customer service is supreme. And you don’t get a bunch of different people trying to help either so if you need technical help, they help and then if you have further questions you just call the same person you talked to.

    It’s wonderful. They even helped me with questions about my website coding which isn’t even their job. I am so greatful to have found certified hosting. Oh and where else can you find streaming video included? Even go daddy doesn’t offer that. Certified Hosting is the best! Try them and you will be more than satisfied!!

  2. I am extremely pleased that I switched hosts and came to Certified Hosting.

    I’ve only been with them for a month, however, am very happy with the services offered (Especially the data transfer they offer….saved me DAYS of uploading my websites to their system). I used to receive errors constantly when uploading and have NOT received any errors so far with Certified.

  3. Certified is the best webhost I could find on the internet. I tried 1&1, HostGator, Godaddy, BlueHost, and a place called Lonex. All of them were awful in some way or another. No tech support, account usage limitations, or accounts that were unable to run even one wordpress blog without breaking CPU limits.

    The Certified hosting account always works fast. The stress relief offered by that fast website response is priceless.

    I feel good about the webhost and I look forward to going to the website to work on it because it works so well. There have not been any real tech support issues so I do not have a qualified opinion on tech support. I did have a question on another issue that was answered promptly enough that I was satisfied.

    As of right now, 45 days into my account period, the flawless functionality of the Certified Hosting means I would recommend it to anyone who asked without qualifications.

  4. I came to Certified Hosting after a bad experience with another hosting company and with the exception of 1 niggle (the inability to access mySQL tables on a share server externally).

    I would say they are an excellent company. I have found their support really excellent and quite honestly have no problems with them. I have recommended them to others.

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