Cellulite? What Means To You

It bothers the lives of 80% of women. Cellulite, get to know it better to fight it.

Cellulite (or dimpling) is related to the presence and size of fat cells (adipocytes famous) housed under the skin in certain areas of the female body (particularly the thighs, buttocks, and hips).

Adipocytes have the characteristic swelling and hypertrophy is what gives skin areas concerned this aspect unsightly orange.

The emergence and worsening of cellulite is a vicious circle:
– Increasing volume, adipocytes crush the blood vessels and prevents the removal of toxins,
– There will be more fat under the skin and water retention, more appearance will be exacerbated.

What are the different forms of cellulite?

There are 4 types of cellulite:
– The infiltrated cellulite, related to water retention and often due to venous insufficiency or hormonal problems.
– Adipose cellulite, which is a consequence of too high-fat diet. If you eat more than you spend, then the energy turns into fat and inevitably lodge in the body.
– Fibrous cellulite results of a breakdown of collagen that surrounds fat cells and stuck them under the skin. In this case, the “orange peel” is seen without pinching the skin between the fingers. But above all, this cellulite is painful.
– The aqueous cellulite, often diffuse, also linked to water retention and poor circulation. This usually affects even thin women.

When and how appears cellulite?

3 main factors favor its appearance:
– Age: Over the years, the skin weakens and the collagen production decreases, which is likely to make way for cellulite.
– Hormones: they play a key role in the appearance of orange peel. Variations in their rate (adolescence, rules, pregnancy …) have consequences and more or less damage to the skin and can promote the appearance of cellulite.
– Food: the more it will be unbalanced, the risk of weight gain is important. Magnifying cellulite is more visible.

How to prevent the appearance of cellulite?

The rules are clearly that of a diet and a healthy lifestyle:
– Engaging in regular sporting activity helps reduce body fat.

So why not get to jogging or swimming to keep fit and avoid weight changes that could see the silhouette. Once a week is a good start.
– Building on light and balanced diet. Ideally, leave some space to fruits and vegetables, white meats and vegetables. Between meals, eliminate drainage with drinks.
– Massaging and manhandle the orange skin and fat cells with anti-cellulite creams to prevent fat storage.

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