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Best 15 Celebrity Hair Color Trends for Spring & Summer Chosen For 2019

Colors are changed every season and not just every year and this is not limited to the colors of our clothes only, but it also includes the colors of our hair. There are many celebrities who appeared with new hair colors in the spring season and most of these colors tend to be lighter than the original or former color of their hair. It is not necessary for the new color to be lighter as there are other celebrities who decided to make the color of their hair darker especially if their hair is dyed in a light color such as blonde. Some of the celebrities decided to completely change the color of their hair to welcome the spring season with a new color that is more suitable while there are other celebrities who just added simple changes like adding a touch of lightness to renew the appearance of their hair and its color. You can discover more about the new colors that are presented in the spring season through taking a look at the following celebrity hair color trends in spring and summer.

Some celebrities changed their hair color from blonde to red such as Britney Spears and Molly Sims, while Kristen Stewart appeared with her honey brown hair. There are also other colors that were used by celebrities in the spring season such as the lavender color which was used by Nicole Richie, blonde by Kate Mara instead of the red color, balayage by Kelly Rowland, deep brunette by Margot Robbie which made her more stunning than dyeing her hair blonde in addition to many other celebrities who decided to get a new look through changing the color of their hair and dyeing it a new color that is more suitable for the spring and summer seasons.

For getting a new look for your hair in the spring and summer seasons, you can entirely change the color of your hair or it may be enough for you to just add touches of lightness if you do not prefer the idea of completely changing your hair color. Deciding the best color for you does not depend on whether the hair color is suitable for the celebrity or not, but it depends on you yourself and whether the color that you want to try for your hair matches your skin tone or not. You also have to choose a new color for your hair that can reflect your personality and increase your beauty instead of choosing a color that does not suit you and does not meet your age.