“Cat Spraying No More”.. No More Pee Everywhere

Pets and humans suppose to be sources of joy to each other. This can only happen when you do some effort to understand the nature of your cat so you can correctly deal with her. In such healthy, understanding and free of stress environment, you both can be happy and get the chance to strengthen the bond of friendship between you.

Unfortunately, having a cat that pees all over the home can ruin the bright view your imagination painted about how joyful your life could be with this beautiful creature in it. Many people find their dreams turning into nightmares because of this problem. And no matter how many times they try to teach their cats to pee in the litter box, they completely fail which turns their lives to a form of hell; stinking home, hard work to clean up the mess and a lot of money to buy expensive cleaning products, sheets, pillows and even furniture.

As previously stated, the solution is to understand your cat’s nature and make the process of urination in the litter box seems natural to her, which is what Sara Richards shows you how to do with her program “Cat Spraying No More”. Let’s get you introduced to this amazing solution.

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Cat Spraying No More program

Sara has been a veterinary technician at SPCA, Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, since 2009. The well-set program is a product of her own experience with her lovely cat Timmy and the guidance of her workmate Laura, a cat behavior specialist. The program teaches you the behavior of cats and presents effective strategies to train them. For example, when you know that stress affects cats negatively, you will no longer use punishment as a training method.

Cat Spraying No More aims to stop your cat from peeing outside the litter box and improve her happiness and behavior. Its system revolves around four main points; why cats spray, how stress affects them and the way they react to it, how to correctly set up a litter box and finally, five different herbal recipes that attract your cat to use the litter box and ditch peeing in all places else.

Pros and cons:

The main philosophy of the program is to use the weapon of knowledge, in a good way, to create an environment that stimulates cats to change their behavior naturally. There is no need to worry about the techniques causing any harm to your cat, physically or psychologically.

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Another positive aspect about Cat Spraying No More is its price; it’s available at 37$, backed by a full refund within 60 days in case you are not satisfied with the program; it is a pretty good deal compared to the money, effort and stress that you are going to save because of it; plus there are four bonuses included; two e-books of 101 healthy recipes for your cat and how to properly care for her, software for your cat’s medical record to help you keep track of it, and finally, The Cat Training Bible.

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On the other hand, you should be aware of the fact that the product is not an instant cure; there is the main step that will work almost immediately, but then you’ll need to follow the instructions, apply the techniques and prepare the herbal recipes. Another thing that some might negatively view is that the results may vary; however the program addresses the common nature of cats, the response of some cats may be quicker that others, especially the quite stubborn ones.

How did Sara and Timmy meet?

One thing remains to tell. It is the story of Sara Richards, the founder of Cat Spraying No More, and her green-eyed cat, Timmy. Sara and Timmy were first met when he was little, sick and fighting to stay alive. He was the smallest one of a fellowship of six cats found abandoned in an empty house starving for days until they were discovered by a realtor when entered the house. He called the SPCA for help. All the cats were suffering from severe malnutrition, but Timmy was very sick that almost everyone but Sara thought he wouldn’t survive the night, but he proved them wrong, her right, and did make it. A few days later, when he became well enough, Sara took him home with her, and he has had his name, Timmy.

clean-cat-urine "Cat Spraying No More".. No More Pee Everywhere

After that, as you probably already guessed, Timmy started to spray everywhere in his new home driving Sara crazy. But once again she didn’t give up on him for long months until she found the effective solution with the help of her co-worker Laura, which eventually became Cat Spraying No More. And once more they had the chance to continue their amazing friendship journey.

cat-on-bucket "Cat Spraying No More".. No More Pee Everywhere

Sara-and-Timmy-the-cat "Cat Spraying No More".. No More Pee Everywhere

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