15+ Cat Furniture Pieces for Cat Lovers

Do you share your home with other creatures or is it all for yourself? Oh, by the way, we are not actually referring to aliens or some weird forms of creatures, but let us rephrase that. Is there a pet that is sharing the house with you? Well, if your answer is yes, then you have come to the right place, but preferably you admit that this pet is a cat because we are about to introduce you to the different styles of cat furniture. On the other hand, if you are a dog person, you can still enjoy reading this article and even if you liked any house style or piece of furniture that you believe may work for your dog, that is totally fine, but just make sure that your dog is just as the size of a cat.

Anyway, for all the cat persons out there who share their homes with their little feline friends, we know it can be very hard to find accessories and furniture pieces that may satisfy your little picky friend; besides, not all of the options are affordable by everyone. Not to mention that these little buddies usually act territorial most of the time that they give themselves the right to mess your place and turn it upside down as well as annoy your guests. We know that your little buddy can get you on your nerves most of the time, but that would never make you love them any less.

Living with a cat does not always mean that your home turns into a chaotic mess; conversely, you can live stylishly with a cat and that has been proven by several innovative options that the world of interior design has offered. We are quite sure that all cat lovers would definitely be happy to see different types of cat houses that can serve two amazing purposes; provide your little buddy with shelter as well as fun and add a nice decorative touch to your place, giving you the best of both worlds. On the other hand, cats have an international day just like most of the important things that we love being reminded of being thankful for, it is on August 8th in case you had no idea, and if you have never gifted your little friend with a humble gift, then maybe it is time to prove the good friend that you really are. You may have gotten them several toys and accessories that they can play with, but if you are looking for a gift that would be more meaningful, and even lasting, for your little pet, building a cat house should be your ultimate option. Just consider the fact that keeping a pet means coping with all their needs and nature traits and since cats love cozy spots and hiding whacks, so you have the opportunity to provide them with such places and, trust us, this option will not only be beneficial for your pet, but for yourself as well because you will be able to keep it away from your own furniture. Check out these stylish cat houses that will make a great gift for your little friend.

16 Modern Cat Console

Cats are not hostile, but they may love to scratch some things. Since you will not ever like your fashionable pieces to be occasionally attacked by your cat, get this beautiful mid-century modern console table and it would be a chic solution to your feline buddy’s needs to scratch and scrape things around.

cats scratch table 15+ Cat Furniture Pieces for Cat Lovers - 2 Cat Furniture Pieces

15 Cat Overhead Playground

Get your cat an overhead playground where it can jump here and there and have some fun. That would also save you the trouble of having to deal with its random adrenaline rush when it starts jumping all over your furniture pieces. Let it explore its talent just within the four walls of your home.

overhead cat playground room goldtatze 1 15+ Cat Furniture Pieces for Cat Lovers - 3 Cat Furniture Pieces

14 Grass Table for Cats

Maybe your house cannot be provided with a garden and, on the other hand, cats are creatures that love grass and greenery. So, why do not you get your cat a grass table? This table will enable it to enjoy the feeling and the look of real grass without having to go outside.

cat furniture Grass Table 15+ Cat Furniture Pieces for Cat Lovers - 4 Cat Furniture Pieces

13 Felt Cat Cave

If you are looking for a nice accessory for your home as well as a cozy spot for your cat, you should definitely consider getting a cat cave that also has cat ears. Can you imagine how viral this photo can go on social media? Yes, it is worth trying.

cat cave with cat ears 15+ Cat Furniture Pieces for Cat Lovers - 5 Cat Furniture Pieces

12 Mini Bedroom For Cat

Your cat deserves to have a nice bedroom just as much as you do, don’t you think so? Well, wanting to take the whole bed all to yourself can be another reason to get your cat a mini bedroom. It also looks so adorable to have mini pillows and blankets.

cat furniture mini bedroom 15+ Cat Furniture Pieces for Cat Lovers - 6 Cat Furniture Pieces

11 A Two in One Rocking Chair

A rocking chair can be very enjoyable to read your newspaper on, but; of course, the back and forth movement may attract your feline buddy to join in and sit on your lap when you feel like just chilling on your own. So, that two in one rocking chair will provide your cat with a tiny home just beneath it and you both can enjoy being rocked back and forth but each in his own zone.

Rocking Chair for cat 15+ Cat Furniture Pieces for Cat Lovers - 7 Cat Furniture Pieces

10 Catissa Geobed Cat Cave

This cat cave is not only a warm spot for your tiny friend, but it adds a luxurious statement to your overall interior design. It has been trending as one of the most stylish cats havens out there and they have a nice modern geometric shape as well.

Catissa Geobed Cat Cave 15+ Cat Furniture Pieces for Cat Lovers - 8 Cat Furniture Pieces

9 Indiana Jones Cat Bridge

Well, cats love adventures too, so they may not refuse to go on an adventure every once in a while. Build an Indiana Jones bridge as a gift for your friend and see how it will react to the new dangerous challenge. We bet that you will most likely find it just lying there in the middle of the bridge.

Indiana Jones Cat Bridge 15+ Cat Furniture Pieces for Cat Lovers - 9 Cat Furniture Pieces

a cat on Indiana Jones Cat Bridge 2 15+ Cat Furniture Pieces for Cat Lovers - 10 Cat Furniture Pieces

8 Outdoor Catwalk

If you have noticed that your cat love spending some time outdoors, but you constantly watch it, fearing that it may stray or be taken away from you, build an outdoor that is attached to your own house, where your cat can enjoy spending time outdoors, but within the limits of the house, so you can make sure it is safe.

Outdoor Catwalk 15+ Cat Furniture Pieces for Cat Lovers - 11 Cat Furniture Pieces

7 Cat Transit System

Is your cat too hyper and keeps running here and there? Does that freak out your guests? Does it annoy you yourself when you are trying to concentrate on something? Well, create a transit system within your own place and since cats love the cuddly hidden spots, it will more likely travel around your home within this transit system, saving you the trouble of messing the place up or freaking your guests out.

Cat Transit System 15+ Cat Furniture Pieces for Cat Lovers - 12 Cat Furniture Pieces

6 Shark Cardboard Cat House

Cats love cardboard boxes, but you may think they are not that tasteful to keep it at your home. So, if you want to make your feline friend happy, but still wants to keep your home trendy, get your cat a shark Cardboard Cat House. It may look a bit eccentric yet it is too adorable.

Shark Cardboard Cat House 15+ Cat Furniture Pieces for Cat Lovers - 13 Cat Furniture Pieces

5 Cat Tunnel Sofa

A sofa with tunnels that connect its base with its seats sounds very interesting. Imagine how that will look like for your pet? Yes, way more interesting; besides, cats are naturally curious, so it will go and try to find out where this tunnel goes and it may stay inside there for a while too.

cat tunnel sofa 1 15+ Cat Furniture Pieces for Cat Lovers - 14 Cat Furniture Pieces

4 Upcycled Suitcase Pet Bed with Pedestal Base

Suitcases are another thing to be added to the list of what cats love. Consequently, providing your pet with a suitcase bed can be a great idea. Try to opt for ones that look stylish and elegant, so they can effortlessly add a nice revamp to your place.

Upcycled Suitcase Pet Bed with Pedestal Base 15+ Cat Furniture Pieces for Cat Lovers - 15 Cat Furniture Pieces

3 Catissa Cat Tree Shelves

Cats are naturally created to love climbing high meters, but since you would let your cat get over buildings or trees and risk falling off while jumping across them, get a base shelf that is designed for the little hops of a cat. You will offer your feline buddy a nice gift where it can freely be itself within the walls of your place; above and beyond, you will give yourself nice storage where you can keep your books neatly organized. But, we hope that they will stay that way when your buddy is having fun going up and down and, possibly, checking out your books and stuff.

Catissa geometric design for cats 15+ Cat Furniture Pieces for Cat Lovers - 16 Cat Furniture Pieces

2 Disguised Cat House Side Table

Side tables are useful for placing little accessories as well as resting your cup while you are watching a nice movie and drinking something hot, but imagine if that table has a disguised cat house where your cat gets inside and out of it? Yes, we believe that it is going to be cool as much as it sounds. Above and beyond, when you are having some of your friends over, you can keep that secret away from them and watch them freak out when your little feline buddy decides to appear out of nowhere. Does not that sound fun?

play table for cat 1 15+ Cat Furniture Pieces for Cat Lovers - 17 Cat Furniture Pieces

1 Coffee Table Hammock

Well, it seems like the side table can have more purposes than just being a side table and the same goes for the coffee table as well. Coffee tables are essential for your overall interior design and decoration, especially, that is usually located in the center of your living room, so it is most obvious for everyone. So, creating a little cuddly spot beneath your coffee table can go a long way for your little friend and hammock can be the perfect option. Your pet will definitely love joining you to watch an interesting movie while getting comfy in its own spot.

Coffee Table Hammock 15+ Cat Furniture Pieces for Cat Lovers - 18 Cat Furniture Pieces

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