Best 11 Cartoon Drawing Ideas: Bringing Characters to Life on Paper

Are you ready to unleash your creativity and dive into the world of cartoon drawing ideas?

Whether you’re a seasoned artist looking for new inspiration or a beginner taking your first steps in the world of drawing, this section is for you.

In the following paragraphs, we will explore a wide variety of fun and creative ideas that will help you bring your cartoons to life. From cute animals to expressive characters, there is no limit to what you can create with a little imagination and practice.

the world of drawing

So, grab your pencils, paper, and let’s get started on this exciting journey of cartoon drawing ideas!

Easy Cartoon Drawing Ideas

Are you looking for simple and easy cartoon drawing ideas? Look no further! As a professional artist, I have compiled a list of my favorite techniques and tips to create charming and adorable cartoons.


Drawing pencils (2H, HB, 2B)
Drawing paper

Before we begin, make sure you have all the necessary materials to create your cartoons.


  1. Start with basic shapes: Draw basic shapes like circles, ovals, and rectangles to create the general outline of your cartoon character.
  2. Add details: Once you have the outline, add features like eyes, nose, mouth, and ears. Don’t worry about perfection, cartoons are meant to be playful and fun!
  3. Color your cartoon: Use colored pencils or markers to add some color to your cartoon character. Don’t be afraid to get creative and experiment with different color combinations.
  4. Practice makes perfect: The more you practice, the better you will become at creating easy cartoon drawings. Set aside some time each day to practice and develop your skills.

Easy Cartoon Drawing Ideas


  • Draw a cute animal like a bunny or a puppy. Keep the shapes simple and focus on adding expressive eyes and playful features.
  • Draw a cartoon version of yourself or a friend. Try to capture their unique features and personality in your drawing.
  • Draw a cartoon food item like a slice of pizza or an ice cream cone. Add fun details like toppings or sprinkles to make it even more playful.

With these easy cartoon drawing ideas and techniques, you’ll be creating charming and adorable cartoons in no time. Don’t be afraid to get creative and experiment with different styles and techniques. Remember, practice makes perfect!

cute animals to expressive characters

Cute Cartoon Drawing Ideas

Who doesn’t love cute cartoons? From lovable animals to charming characters, there’s something about cuteness that brings joy to our hearts. In this section, I’ll share some cute cartoon drawing ideas that are sure to make you smile.

Cute Animal Drawing Ideas

Animals are one of the most popular subjects for cartoons. Whether it’s a cuddly kitten or a playful puppy, there’s no shortage of cute creatures to draw. Here are some cute cartoon animal drawing ideas to get you started:

BunnyDraw a bunny with big floppy ears and a fluffy tail.
PenguinDraw a penguin waddling with its flippers outstretched.
KittenDraw a kitten playing with yarn or a ball of string.
PuppyDraw a puppy with a wagging tail and a big, wet nose.

These cute animal drawing ideas are just the beginning. Let your imagination run wild and create your own adorable cartoon creatures.

Fun & Creative Cartoon Drawing Ideas

Cute Character Drawing Ideas

In addition to cute animals, there are plenty of cute characters to draw. From sweet fairies to charming princesses, here are some cute cartoon character drawing ideas to try:

  • Fairy: Draw a fairy with delicate wings and a sparkly dress.
  • Princess: Draw a princess with a flowing gown and a tiara.
  • Kawaii: Draw a “kawaii” character, which is a Japanese style of cute that features big eyes and small mouths.
  • Cupcake: Draw a cupcake with a smiling face and colorful sprinkles.

These cute character drawing ideas are perfect for creating charming and whimsical cartoons.

Cute cartoon drawing ideas

Let these cute cartoon drawing ideas inspire you to create your own adorable cartoons. With a little creativity and imagination, you can bring cuteness to life on the page.

Cartoon Character Drawing Ideas

Character design is an essential aspect of cartooning. It’s where you bring your imagination to life by creating unique and captivating cartoon characters. Whether you want to create a superhero, a villain, or a lovable sidekick, the possibilities are endless. In this section, we’ll explore some cartoon character drawing ideas that will help you create characters that are both memorable and entertaining.

Expressive Facial Features

One of the most important aspects of character design is creating expressive facial features. A character’s face can offer insight into their emotions, personality, and motivations. For example, a villain might have sharp, angular features, while a hero might have a square jaw and determined expression.

cartoon face drawing ideas

Distinct Personalities

Another crucial element is giving your characters distinct personalities. A great way to develop characters is by brainstorming their backstories, likes, and dislikes. Once you have a sense of who they are, you can give them unique attributes that make them stand out from other characters. For example, a quirky sidekick might have a love for puns or a fear of heights.

Creating Contrast

When designing characters, it can be helpful to create contrast between them. This can be achieved by making them different in size, shape, or color. For instance, if you have two characters who are friends, you might make one tall and one short or one blue and one red. Creating contrast can help make your characters more visually interesting and distinct.

Animating Your Characters

Once you’ve designed your characters, you might want to bring them to life through animation. This can be done by creating a series of drawings that show your characters in different positions or movements. This is known as “keyframing,” and it’s where you create the main poses that your character will have throughout the animation. From there, you can add in-between drawings that connect the poses and create the illusion of movement.

Character design can be a fun and rewarding part of cartooning. By exploring different facial features, personalities, and contrasting traits, you can create characters that are truly unforgettable. So grab your pencil and start bringing your imagination to life!

Cartoon Drawing Ideas for Beginners: Step-by-Step Guides to Develop Your Cartooning Skills

Are you new to cartoon drawing? Don’t worry! With a bit of practice and patience, you can improve your cartooning skills and create impressive artwork.

Drawing pencils

Here are a few step-by-step cartoon drawing ideas for beginners to help you get started:

1. Draw Basic Shapes

Start by drawing basic shapes like circles, squares, and triangles to create your cartoon characters. Use these shapes as a foundation for the body, head, and other parts of your character. You can then add details and refine the shapes to create a more polished final result.

2. Practice Facial Expressions

Facial expressions can convey a lot of emotion and personality in your characters. Practice drawing different expressions like happy, sad, angry, and surprised. Pay attention to the details of the eyes, mouth, and eyebrows to create more realistic and expressive faces.

3. Use Reference Images

If you’re struggling to create a specific pose or action, try using reference images as a guide. Look at photos or other cartoon artwork to see how other artists have tackled similar challenges. This can be a great way to learn new techniques and improve your skills.

4. Experiment with Colors and Textures

Cartoons can be bold and colorful, so don’t be afraid to experiment with different colors and textures. Try using different shading techniques, patterns, and textures to add depth and interest to your drawings.

Step-by-step cartoon drawing ideas

5. Practice, Practice, Practice

The key to improving your cartoon drawing skills is to practice regularly. Set aside time each day to work on your artwork, and don’t be too hard on yourself if things don’t turn out perfectly at first. With time and practice, you’ll develop your own style and create cartoons that you’re proud of.

These are just a few ideas to help you get started with cartoon drawing. Remember, the most important thing is to have fun and enjoy the creative process. So grab a pencil and give it a try!

Funny Cartoon Drawing Ideas: Let’s Add Some Laughs to Our Art

Creating cartoon drawings doesn’t always have to be serious business. In fact, injecting some humor and fun into your drawings can make them even more entertaining to look at.

creative ideas that will help you bring your cartoons to life

Here are some funny cartoon drawing ideas to help you get started:

1. Exaggerate Physical Features

One way to add some humor to your cartoons is by exaggerating the physical features of the characters. For example, you can draw a character with an extremely long nose or legs, or a tiny head and big body. The possibilities are endless, and the results are often hilarious.

2. Create Funny Expressions

The expressions on a character’s face can also add a lot of humor to your drawings. Experiment with different facial expressions, such as surprise, confusion, or even disgust, to bring your cartoons to life. You can also combine exaggerated physical features with funny expressions to create even more humorous characters.

3. Make Parodies

Parodying famous characters or pop-culture icons is another way to add some laughs to your cartoons. For example, you can draw your favorite superhero in a ridiculous scenario or reimagine a famous painting with cartoon characters. Just be sure to keep it respectful and avoid any offensive material.

4. Create Funny Situations

Finally, you can also add humor to your cartoons by creating funny situations for your characters. Think about everyday scenarios and find a way to make them funny or absurd. For example, you can draw a character struggling to carry an oversized object or a group of animals trying to sneak into a restaurant. The possibilities are endless, and the results are sure to make people smile.

funny cartoon drawing ideas

Remember, the goal of funny cartoon drawing ideas is to add a little levity to your art. Don’t be afraid to get silly and experiment with different ideas. The key is to have fun and let your imagination run wild!


As I come to the end of this article, I am reminded of the endless possibilities that cartoon drawing offers. Whether you are looking for something cute and charming or funny and playful, there are countless ideas out there waiting to be explored.

Through this article, I have shared a range of cartoon drawing ideas that are sure to inspire your creativity and help you develop your skills. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced artist, these ideas offer something for everyone.

So what are you waiting for?

Grab your pencils, let your imagination run wild, and start creating your own unique cartoons today. Remember, the key to success is not perfection, but rather the willingness to take risks, make mistakes, and learn from them.

Thank you for taking the time to read this article, and I wish you all the best on your cartoon drawing journey!

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