Are Car Hammocks Safe for Dogs?

As pet parents, we want the best for our tailed family members. We want them to be safe and comfortable, especially when we’re on the road. One popular option for keeping our dogs secure while driving is using a dog car seat cover. But is it actually safe for our beloved pets?

In this article, we’ll discuss the safety concerns that every pet parent should consider before purchasing a dog rear seat cover. We’ll also cover the essential installation and care issues. So buckle up, and let’s hit the road to explore the world of car hammocks for dogs!

1 What Is a Dog Car Seat Hammock and Do I Need One?

Picture this: you’ve just gone on a road trip with your four-legged best friend and you’re both having a great time together. But then your pet starts trying to jump into the front seat, distracting you from driving. Then you make a stop and see that the entire back seat is stained with hair and dirty paws… And you also wanted to let your dog swim in the lake! How will your car look then?!

This is where a dog car seat cover comes in. It is a specially designed seat cover that attaches to your seat headrests, creating a hammock-like barrier between your pet and your car seats. Not only does it protect your car interior against hair, stains, and scratches, but also keeps your doggie comfy and restrained. So it’s the ultimate solution for dog owners who want to keep their cars looking clean while keeping their pets safe.

Do you need a dog seat cover for your car and your dog? That mostly depends on the behavior of your pup while you’re on the road. We definitely recommend buying a dog rear seat cover in the following cases:

  • if your dog leaves a lot of hair on car seats
  • if your pet is very active and constantly distracts you from driving
  • if your dog spends a lot of time outside and stains your car interior with dirty paws and hair
  • if your dog scratches the upholstery and car doors
  • if you have a puppy or a newly adopted dog who is not yet accustomed to traveling by car
  • if you want to extend the life of your upholstery and keep your car looking new

So if you’re looking for a smart solution to take care of both your doggie and your car on your next road trip, a dog car seat cover might be just what you need.

If you’re looking for full protection of your car’s interior, we recommend looking into the four-sided type of hammocks. They protect the seats, the floor, and your car doors as well. For example, the Owleys active dog car seat cover even has hard sidewalls. Get a passenger seat dog cover with a similar four-sided design if you want to keep your car looking brand new for as long as possible.

Dog Car Seat Hammock
the Owleys active dog car seat cover even has hard sidewalls.

2 The Best Way to Keep Your Dog Safe in Your Car

Whether you’re looking for a Jeep dog seat cover or a pet hammock for your minivan, on-the-road safety should be the top priority. So what is the best and proven way to keep your dog safe when using a dog car seat cover?

If you don’t want your dog to get hurt in the event of a hard stop, turn, or crash, use a harness and safety belt. Attach your dog’s harness with a safety belt to the car seat buckle where you attach your regular car belt. Only such fastening is safe and minimizes the risks in case of danger. Especially if you’re looking for an active pet dog seat cover.

Please do not use a collar to fasten the seat belt, as this could result in suffocation. We also urge you not to tie the leash to the headrest or any other place in the car. It may be dangerous.

Keep Your Dog Safe in Your Car
If you don’t want your dog to get hurt in the event of a hard stop, turn, or crash, use a harness and safety belt.

3 How to Install a Car Seat Hammock?

Since the installation of most dog seat covers for pets has similar steps, let’s discuss them today.

1. Make sure the seat cover fits your car model. You may need a BMW dog seat cover or a Jeep dog seat cover, so check that the hammock will fit your seats before you purchase.

2. Place your dog’s car cover for the rear seat in the car. Ensure you don’t mix up the sides.

3. Attach seat anchors, if your dog seat cover for pets has them. Insert them in the space between the seat and the backrest.

4. Fasten all the headrest straps. Make sure they fit snugly, especially if you’re using active pet’s dog seat cover.

5. If your dog’s car cover for the rear seat has sidewalls, fasten the first one.

6. Invite your dog into the car and secure the safety belt into the car seat buckle.

7. When your pet is secured, fasten the second sidewall and close the car door.

An important point in installation is to make sure that fasteners are strong and durable, and that there are holes for attaching the seat belt. Before riding, check that your dog hammock fits snugly and does not slip on the seats. If you need an active pet dog seat cover, check out the ones with a non-slip bottom design.

Install a Car Seat Hammock
If you need an active pet dog seat cover, check out the ones with a non-slip bottom design.

4 How to Care for A Car Seat Hammock?

And again – no matter if you want a Jeep dog seat cover or any other specific model, you definitely want the one that is easy to care for.

Check the manufacturer’s care instructions. If your dog hammock is machine washable, make sure you use the correct temperature and detergent. If your dog hammock is suitable for hand washing or cleaning with a damp cloth, use mild detergents and soft brushes so as not to damage the fabric and appearance of the hammock.

After washing – hand or machine – allow your dog seat cover to dry completely before reinstalling in the car and inviting your pet.

Care for A Car Seat Hammock
Check the manufacturer’s care instructions.

To summarize, let’s list the main points of our article. Firstly, we discussed what a dog hammock is and when you might need one. Secondly, we shared the best way to keep your pet safe on the road. Thirdly, we listed the essential and universal steps for installing a dog hammock. And fourth, we discussed how to properly care for a dog seat cover.

We hope our article was useful for you and wish you the happiest trips with your tailed friend!

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