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Canopy Beds through History… 35+ Bedroom Designs

When we come to talk about the canopy bedroom designs, probably the first thing that comes to our minds is how important part in our homes are bedrooms, especially the master bedroom; how about beds, these irresistible pieces of furniture where we have some rest, sleep and relax. Most of the modern beds consist of a soft mattress based on the bed frame and soft cushions and is based on wood or metal base and most of it contains an internal big box that contains wood slices that support the bed as well. Once upon a time, there was a kind of bedrooms known as a canopy; some people still employing it nowadays, but in the past, it was a grand trend in-house interior design. The idea was brought into being for a reason.

Let’s go back with time to know the beginning and history of the canopy trend. Therefore, we’ll start from the Middle Ages and when people hadn’t known how to fix the problem of the insects and other things, prevent them from falling on their beds while sleeping; there was nothing to do to stop things from falling onto beds. This posed a real problem in the bedroom, where bugs and other droppings could destroy your dreamy clean bed. That’s why they came up with an idea; by putting a hung sheet over the top of the bed, they finally solve the problem; and that’s how the idea of canopy beds came into existence.

The canopies date back to the 13th century in Europe. In the castles and manor houses and in some towns the people used some materials such as wood, stones, and clay tiles for constructing a building’s roof. The Poor peasant folk was the most people who suffer from the annoyances of the insects as they were sleeping on straw pallets on the floor or in a loft. They did not have canopy beds to keep out falling dead wasps and rat droppings as well.

Canopy Bed of a King at the Chakraphat Phiman Hall, Grand Palace, Bangkok

And when we go back with time to the early days of the European castle, the lord and his noble family had slept in the great hall with their servants. One end of the big hall was separated from the hall by simple curtains. Seeking more warmth and privacy, chambers were constructed for the noble family; they put curtains on the beds to provide privacy. The new style was imitated in the townhomes; the people took the idea of the curtains hanging from the ceiling of the bed to provide the protection; the imitation also included the style of furnishing. However, canopy beds were always connected with wealthy people.

Today the interaction between the past and the present has produced modern canopy bed designs, and it is a fantastic trend in interior design. Nowadays canopy beds are no longer only connected with wealthy people; they have become something stylish and affordable. There are a lot of designs for the canopy bedrooms; modern, classic, semi-modern winter, spring, elegant, small rooms and in big rooms, kid’s room as well. Canopy is the master bedroom in many homes; the canopies create a romantic and cozy atmosphere in the home. It turns the bedroom from ordinary to dreamy which is why it’s also a perfect idea to canopy the kid’s beds; this will provide the tenderness touch and also the protection. Now, here are canopy bed ideas that could make you bedroom rocks!

Vintage and Classic canopy bedrooms

Modern canopy beds

Combination of classic and modern

Children canopy bedrooms

Incorporating vintage styles in modern home interior design will always have its magic. Today there is no need to drop big bucks on canopy; you can keep it simple as well as distinguished with some creative ideas, designs and simple fabrics. Enjoy it and have a haven where you can enjoy your sleep and get some rest.