Canine separation anxiety

1- Dog separation anxiety is the fear of isolation and it appears clearly in dog behavior especially once a puppy is separated from its mother. So every owner must do a strong attachment with his dog which is perfectly healthy and sound.

2- There are specific behaviors for the dog separation anxiety that happen only in the absence of its owner like: Digging, chewing, howling, barking, and crying and scratching at doors or windows in an attempt to escape.

3- There are many causes for dog separation anxiety such as: leaving the dog alone for long times to have a vacation or something like that, facing violent experience (living in an animal shelter- facing frightening event like home fire – living with previous violent owner) and moving to a new home or changing in the owner or in the lifestyle.

4- You can prevent your dog from developing separation anxiety by many simple ways: Pay extra attention to your dog before you leave or after you return, devote specific times for your dog and take him for a walk, take your dog with you during your vacations and don’t leave him alone, make your dog feel secure in the home and set boundaries to be able to rest easy.

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