How Can I Stop Snoring?

Snoring is one of the worst problems that you can suffer from while sleeping. It does not just annoy or affect you, as the one who is sleeping with you in the same room is going to enjoy the worst nights in the life for being awake most of the time without being able to sleep normally. It may be thought that it is a normal thing for someone to snore, but in fact what is believed is not true. Sleeping alone does not mean ignoring this problem without looking for a solution to get rid of it. Snoring is not just a source of disturbance for those who sleep with you, but it is also a source of other problems which are more serious and can affect your life in a bad way. Most of those who snore suffer from what is called obstructive sleep apnea which means that you stop breathing for a short period of time while sleeping which makes you more likely to experience heart disease. In order to stop snoring, you do not need to take medicines as there are other methods that are associated with changing your lifestyle which helps you to get rid of this problem and enjoy sleeping with your partner.

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♦ Lose weight

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You may ask yourself why should I lose weight if I want to stop snoring? Are they related to each other? It may sound strange for you, but in fact if you want to stop snoring, you have to lose weight. Do you know why? Being overweight means having fatty tissue around the neck which affects the process of breathing especially while being asleep. The airway is squeezed by the fatty tissue which results in preventing the air from moving freely while breathing and this in turn causes snoring.

♦ Sleep on the right side

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Changing your position while sleeping plays an important role in solving the problem of snoring. It may be thought that this solution is not effective because it is extremely easy to be done, but do you know that it is not easy? It is difficult to control yourself while sleeping. We usually sleep on our backs which encourages snoring. Instead of sleeping on your back, try to sleep on your side “The Right Side”. Sleeping on the right side prevents the fatty tissue, chin and tongue from relaxing and squeezing the airway.

♦ Stop drinking alcohol

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Drinking alcohol is harmful in general and causes different problems that can affect your health badly. It is even responsible for making you snore while sleeping especially when you drink it before sleep since it makes your muscles relax more and more which worsens the problem and increases the chance of snoring.

♦ Stop smoking

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Smoking cigarettes is highly responsible for snoring since it results in swelling and catarrh which in turn harms the nasal passages and makes breathing normally through the nose very difficult and this encourages you to snore.

♦ Clear the nasal passages

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Snoring is usually caused by breathing through the mouth instead of the nose. When you clear the nasal passages, you will encourage the process of breathing normally through your nose instead of the mouth which reduces the chances of snoring while sleeping. Using nasal strips, rinsing nose with saltwater and taking a hot shower before going to your bed will help you to keep the nasal passages open.

♦ Get enough sleep

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Working long hours throughout the day without sleeping well will make you like the one who is drinking alcohol as you will find that all your muscles relax once you put your head on the pillow because you are entirely and extremely tired. So, try to get enough sleep to avoid snoring.

♦ Keep your bedroom clean

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Allergens that can be found in your room may come to be responsible for making you snore. This is why you have to clean your bedroom and change your pillows. Try to purchase those pillows that are especially designed to prevent you from snoring.

♦ Avoid dehydration

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You have to stay hydrated in order to prevent the secretions in your nasal passages and soft palate from being sticky. Drinking enough water (11-16 cups) throughout the day and sleeping in a humid room helps you to stop snoring.

♦ Avoid having these before sleep

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Having sleeping pills, heavy meals, fatty foods or even coffee before sleep plays an important role in making you snore, so avoid having them or at least have them a long time before sleep.

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