How Can I Quit Smoking?

I want to quit smoking, what should I do? Realizing that smoking is very dangerous and is capable of destroying your health is the first step that you can take towards quitting smoking. Smoking is really harmful and does not only affect your lungs and the whole respiratory system since it extends more and more to include the whole body. Smoking is responsible for gaining more weight, causing heart diseases and other health problems that are common among people who smoke and even those who smell the smoke without smoking. Nicotine is known to be the most common; however it is legal making it available for all of those who want to smoke regardless of their ages. Smoking cigarettes is not only harmful because it is the main reason behind killing 4.9 million people every year, but also because it affects our young children who imitate others who smoke such as their parents or just smell what comes out from smoking a cigarette several times a day. All of these reasons are enough for making you start trying quitting smoking for your health and to also stop annoying others around you who are forced to smell what you smoke.

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Quit-Smoking-2 How Can I Quit Smoking?

♦ Emotional power

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In order to quit smoking, you have to be completely aware of the bad effects of smoking and your emotions should also be strong enough for motivating you to take the first step and encouraging you to stop smoking.

♦ Strong reasons

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There are too many strong reasons that can encourage you to stop smoking such as the dangerous diseases that can attack you, gaining more weight which destroys the shape of your body, smelling bad when you start talking to others, snoring which may make your partner leaves you, losing money and other reasons that are strong enough to encourage you to quit smoking.

♦ Encourage yourself

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Thinking that quitting smoking is impossible or even difficult will not encourage you to quit smoking, so you have to persuade yourself that you are entirely capable of quitting smoking. Self-confidence will encourage you to stop smoking successfully.

♦ Reduce the number of packs

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To suddenly stop smoking once you decide it is not easy at all and it may be impossible, so you have to reduce the number of packs that you smoke which can help you to gradually quit smoking without feeling that you are deprived of it.

♦ Decide it several times a year

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Most of those who decide to quit smoking specify only one date every year so, why do not you make it more than once a year to give yourself more than one chance to quit smoking in the same year? You can choose the day that you like in the week to start quitting smoking on this day every week like choosing to quit smoking every Sunday.

♦ Change the brands that you smoke

how-to-quit-smoking-stick-your-head-in-a-can-of-cigarette-butts-says-famed-psychologist How Can I Quit Smoking?

In order to increase your chances of quitting smoking, you have to change the brands that you smoke. There are several brands which are available for you to smoke and these brands differ in their chemicals and flavors which change your habit and makes smoking less interesting for you helping you to stop smoking successfully.

♦ Get rid of all the products that are associated with smoking

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In order to encourage yourself to smoke, you have to get rid of all the products that are associated with smoking such as the packs of cigarettes, matches and lighters to make it difficult for you to smoke whenever you want.

♦ Try nicotine replacement therapy

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There are several forms that can provide your body with nicotine in different ways such as nicotine patches, nicotine gum and nicotine nasal sprays and inhalers. You have to ask your doctor about what is more suitable for you to help you quit smoking and enjoy a healthy life.

♦ Use cigarette substitutes

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Look for holding anything in your hands that can help you to get rid of holding your cigarettes. You can use toothpicks, sunflower seeds or even mints to help yourself forget smoking gradually.

♦ Try to distract yourself

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Whenever you want to smoke, try distracting yourself by playing your favorite sport, watching movies, doing exercises, going to the beach or even enjoying your time with your friends “who do not smoke”.

♦ Deceive yourself

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Do you have the ability to deceive yourself like an actor? Tell yourself that you have to stop smoking for about a month and after this month, you have to persuade yourself that you will go back again to your cigarettes “but of course you will not do this”.

♦ Ask for help

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Tell all of those who are around you including your family and friends that you have decided to quit smoking. This will help you to get the needed support and you will be encouraged a lot to quit smoking successfully.

Other tips that can help you to quit smoking

Drink a lot of water, take deep breaths slowly, keep yourself busy, stay away from what motivates you to smoke like stress, do not spend a long time with your friends who smoke in order not to encourage you to go back to smoking, do not keep cigarettes with you, do not purchase more cigarettes and try to throw the cigarettes that you have instead of smoking them.

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