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How Can I Know if He Likes Me?

There are many people whom we know and meet everyday throughout our lives; however it is not easy to find a person who really loves you without thinking to deceive you one day. Finding an honest person who truly loves you is like a rare gift that makes you feel you are very lucky when you get it. You may spend a long time looking for the one who truly loves you among those whom you know and even the strangers whom you do not know thinking that there is no one who really loves you among all of those people. This is not true because the one who loves you may be close to you but you do not realize that or even feel that he is there because this person does not say that he loves you or is unable to show you his love and express his feelings. Do you want to know if he really loves you or not? Keep reading the following tips that will show you the reality and will help you to stop looking for the one who loves you.

How-Can-I-Know-if-He-Likes-Me How Can I Know if He Likes Me?
How-Can-I-Know-if-He-Likes-Me-1 How Can I Know if He Likes Me?
How-Can-I-Know-if-He-Likes-Me-2 How Can I Know if He Likes Me?
How-Can-I-Know-if-He-Likes-Me-3 How Can I Know if He Likes Me?

♦ Pay attention to his body language

How-Can-I-Know-if-He-Likes-Me-4 How Can I Know if He Likes Me?
How-Can-I-Know-if-He-Likes-Me-5 How Can I Know if He Likes Me?
How-Can-I-Know-if-He-Likes-Me-6 How Can I Know if He Likes Me?

What is done through using our bodies is the easiest thing to notice and understand. Try to read his body language and explain why does he do this? There are many things that the one who loves you may do once he sees you such as

  • Looking at you for a long time.
  • Lifting his eyebrows when he sees you.
  • Leaning to be closer to you.
  • Pointing to you through using his hands, legs or even feet and toes.
  • Tidying his clothes and hair and tying his shoelace to attract your attention.
  • He will never turn his back to you.

♦ Looking away suddenly: The one who is interested in you may quickly turn his head to keep his eyes away from you once you see him looking at you, but he will continue watching you again when you look away.

How-Can-I-Know-if-He-Likes-Me-7 How Can I Know if He Likes Me?
How-Can-I-Know-if-He-Likes-Me-8 How Can I Know if He Likes Me?

♦ Caring about your reaction & impression: When you sit with other people and he tries to make you laugh by doing or saying something funny, he will care more about your reaction to make sure that he can impress you.

How-Can-I-Know-if-He-Likes-Me-9 How Can I Know if He Likes Me?
How-Can-I-Know-if-He-Likes-Me-10 How Can I Know if He Likes Me?

♦ Proving himself: The one who loves you will talk to you about himself trying to prove himself and show you that he is really different from other guys whom you know.

How-Can-I-Know-if-He-Likes-Me-11 How Can I Know if He Likes Me?

♦ Touching you for small things: He will make use of any chance even the small ones to touch you such as touching your hands during laughing, hugging you when you greet each other, keeping his leg close to yours when you sit beside each other and more to show his love to you.

How-Can-I-Know-if-He-Likes-Me-12 How Can I Know if He Likes Me?
How-Can-I-Know-if-He-Likes-Me-13 How Can I Know if He Likes Me?
How-Can-I-Know-if-He-Likes-Me-14 How Can I Know if He Likes Me?

♦ Look at his friends: They are like his mirror and this is why you can know through them if he loves you or not. If he is interested in you, his friends may smile when you are around, may talk to him about you and may try to know if you love him or not.

How-Can-I-Know-if-He-Likes-Me-15 How Can I Know if He Likes Me?

Other things that he may do to express his love to you include

  • Bringing his chair closer to you.
  • Giving you his jacket when you are cold.
  • Treating you in a special way that differs from others.
  • Showing an unprecedented interest in what you do and like such as music, TV shows, drinks, food and more.
  • Imitating you especially your gestures.

How-Can-I-Know-if-He-Likes-Me-16 How Can I Know if He Likes Me?

  • Hitting you gently in a friendly way on the arm may be used to just touch you and show his interest in you.
  • Complimenting you on what you wear, your hairstyle and other things that are related to your appearance and can be changed.
  • Commenting on the masculine clothes that you wear or the items that you carry thinking that they belong to another guy and he is about to lose you. This shows his great interest in you.
  • Spending a long time chatting to you on one of the social networking sites.
  • Appearing to you suddenly and several times in the places to which you go which is not a coincidence at all.

How-Can-I-Know-if-He-Likes-Me-17 How Can I Know if He Likes Me?

  • Smiling at you whenever he sees you.
  • Trying to discover more about you, your desires and dreams.
  • Introducing you to his family and friends.
  • Calling and texting you a lot and before others.
  • Spending most of his time with you.

How-Can-I-Know-if-He-Likes-Me-18 How Can I Know if He Likes Me?

  • Being jealous of other guys whom you know.
  • Being ready to compromise for satisfying you.
  • Apologizing when he feels that you are annoyed with him.
  • Listening to you carefully and valuing your opinions and thoughts.
  • Worrying about you especially when you are alone outside your home.

How-Can-I-Know-if-He-Likes-Me-19 How Can I Know if He Likes Me?



I Love You 

How-Can-I-Know-if-He-Likes-Me-20 How Can I Know if He Likes Me?

► Make sure that what happens with you does not happen with others. If the same thing happens with other girls, it means that he is a bad boy and is not interested in you. If it does not happen with others and you are treated differently, this means that he really loves you.


Does he truly love you??????

How-Can-I-Know-if-He-Likes-Me-21 How Can I Know if He Likes Me?
How-Can-I-Know-if-He-Likes-Me-22 How Can I Know if He Likes Me?

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