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How Can I Hide My IP Address?

Why do you want to hide your IP address? There are many reasons that force you to hide your IP address, do you know any of them? Your IP address makes it easy for others to track you when you browse the internet and to spot your geographical location. There is no one who wants something like that to happen as we want to have our own privacy that is protected from others. What is even more important than all of this is that when you use your IP address, you may leave a digital footprint and you may also get your IP address banned or at least blacklisted. What will you do when something like that happens? Hiding your IP address is the only solution that can protect you from all of this and will allow you to have your own privacy. Do you want to know how you can hide your IP address? There are three main methods that can help you to hide your IP address, keep reading the following to discover more about them.

How Can I Hide My IP Address
How Can I Hide My IP Address.
How Can I Hide My IP Address..
How Can I Hide My IP Address...

♦ Use VPN service

How Can I Hide My IP Address1

VPN is short for Virtual Private Network. There are several VPN providers online which allows you to use this service and download the VPN software that you need. You can use this service for free and you may also need to pay for the VPN software that you will download. Downloading and installing VPN software allows you to browse the internet through using a different IP address. Using the VPN service also allows you to access the blocked sites.

♦ Try using web proxies

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There are several types of proxies and the web-based proxies are the easiest to be used which makes them the most common among those who seek to hide their IP addresses. Using web-based proxies allows you to mask your IP address when you browse the internet because these proxies are servers that have their IP addresses and you can easily connect to these servers through a browser to visit the websites that you want without being noticed because you use the IP addresses of the web-based proxies.

When you choose a proxy site, you have to select the one that is close to you, to the place in which you stay, to avoid the loss of speed. The proxy site that you use may prevent you from visiting a site or video and this will make you change the proxy site that you use. You will need to change the proxies that you use from time to time and may be daily because the proxies that are used several times can be easily noticed which leads to blocking them.

♦ Use Wi-Fi

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How Can I Hide My IP Address4

It is the easiest method that you can ever use to hide your IP address. If you want to temporarily hide your IP address that you usually use when you browse the internet, try using a free Wi-Fi while being outside your home. Free Wi-Fi is available in bookstores, coffee shops and hotels that allow you to use their network’s IP addresses which are of course different from yours and enable you to hide your IP address temporarily.

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