How Can I Help the Environment?

Do you want to help the environment? Do you feel that we are unfair to the environment and need to quickly change the way we treat it to be able to save it from destruction before it is too late? In fact, there are many things that we do every day and show that we treat the environment in a bad way. What we do is enough to destroy the environment in which we live to leave nothing for the coming generations. What we do in the surrounding environment does not just destroy it and harm the coming generations, but it also harms us and is chiefly responsible for many problems and diseases from which we suffer at the present time. What should we do to help the environment and save it from destruction? If you are really serious and want to help the environment around you, take a look at the following tips that are completely easy to be followed and do not require exerting a huge effort at all.

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♦ Save energy

Saving energy is not difficult at all and it is not only useful for the environment. Saving energy means saving more money and this is why you are going to benefit from what you are going to do to help the environment. Saving energy can be easily achieved through:

save energy
save energy (1)
save energy (2)
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save energy (5)
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  • Turning off everything uses electricity when it is not needed.
  • Unplugging all the electrical devices even if they are turned off because they continue using power.
  • Reducing the usage of non-renewable sources of energy and depending more on other renewable sources.
  • Forgetting about the technological development and using the clothesline like your grandmother to dry your clothes and make them fresh and last for a longer time.
  • Using fans and opening windows instead of using the air conditioner that consumes a large amount of electricity.
  • Replacing the traditional light bulbs with LED lights and compact florescent lamps which are more expensive but last longer and consume less energy.
  • Depending on the natural light from the sun during the daytime through using glass windows.
  • Replacing the electronic machines that we use at our homes for exercising with real bikes, walking and running around our homes.
  • Washing several pieces of clothes at the same time instead of washing a small number of pieces several times.
  • Replacing heaters with blankets and quilts while sleeping.

♦ Save water

Saving water is extremely easy. In order to save water and lower your water bill, you have to

save water
save water (1)
save water (2)
save water (3)
save water (4)
save water (5)

  • Fix your faucets and toilet.
  • Turn off the faucets when they are not needed.
  • Reduce the space inside the tank of your toilet or control the amount of water that it needs.
  • Reduce the amount of time that you spend in the bathroom for taking a shower.
  • Fill the dishwasher before running it and avoid using it several times.
  • Use a sponge and bucket for washing the car.
  • Use low flow faucets to reduce the amount of water that you get.

♦ Recycle what you do not need instead of throwing it. There are many things that we have in our homes and can be recycled such as cans, glass, bags, boxes, paper and plastic.


♦ Use sponges or washable pieces of cloth for cleaning your kitchen instead of the paper towels.

Use sponges or washable pieces of cloth for cleaning your kitchen

♦ Think of using cloth diapers for your baby instead of the ones that you use to help the environment and save more and more money that fills your pocket.


♦ Get more information about what is happening around you in the world through using your computer and browsing the internet instead of reading the newspapers.


♦ For drinking tea, you can use the loose leaves instead of using the tea bags.

loose leaves instead of using the tea bags
loose leaves instead of using the tea bags2

♦ Instead of throwing copy paper, use the blank side for reducing the amount of paper that you use, saving more money and protecting more trees.

waste paper

♦ Stop killing more animals and birds by the pesticides that you use and avoid using more chemical fertilizer if you do not need this.


♦ Encourage the process of absorbing more carbon dioxide through planting trees in the streets and around your home to increase the beauty of these places and make them cleaner.

tree planting

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