7 Types of Camps for Kids

When it’s time to consider booking a camp for your child, you might wonder what your options are. Is there something that will appeal to your child? Thankfully, the last 10 years have seen a dramatic increase in options offered in Singapore, for example, Newtonshowcamp, so there will be no shortage of topics and focuses. But, with options comes choices, and here are some of the main types of camps you may find in your search:

1 Seasonal Camps

Can you think of a better way for your child to celebrate a season or festival in Singapore than a camp that has been jam-packed with all sorts of activities surrounding it? You can find camps about Christmas, Easter, Chinese New Year, and summer camp, as well as any celebrating the changing seasons. These camps are perfect if you want your child to learn about the traditions of these seasons and festivals and how people celebrate worldwide.

seasonal-camps 7 Types of Camps for Kids

2 Science and Tech Camps

If you’d prefer your child be learning without realizing it, choosing science and technology camps is a fantastic choice in Singapore. Emphasizing fun every step of the way, reputable camps offer several age-appropriate hands-on activities, such as creating slime, partaking in bubble challenges, 3-D puzzles or model building, and more. Science camps may also introduce enriching activities based upon certain topics, like space, dinosaurs, or even the science behind wizardry.

tech-camps 7 Types of Camps for Kids

3 Lego and Robotics Camps

For the builders at heart, Lego and robotics camps may be perfect. These summer camps are perfect introductions to the ever-expanding field of robotics. Good camps will teach your child to use many of the latest tools and equipment on the market, like 3D pens, Makey Makey, Chibitronics, Squishy Circuits, 3D puzzles, and Qubits — all of which are perfect for new inventors and emphasize hands-on activities and games to teach your child core skills. Your child may even learn to make their own Lego robot!

Science-and-Tech-Camps 7 Types of Camps for Kids

4 Coding Camps

With the growing dependence on computers and AI, teaching your child to code can be a major leg-up in their adult lives. Coding camps offer a great way to introduce coding in a fun environment. In these camps, your child will enjoy activities such as circuit modeling, robotics, 3D modeling, engineering, and programming.

coding-camps 7 Types of Camps for Kids

5 Sports Camps

Sports camps offer a great outlet for energy while teaching your child something enjoyable. In Singapore, sports camps offered usually include basketball, netball, rugby, football, swimming, taekwondo, and athletics. They may also include fun activities like frisbee or dodgeball. If your child isn’t sure which sports appeal to him or her, then choosing multi-activity camps will grant the opportunity to try several different options.

Sports-Camps-1 7 Types of Camps for Kids

6 Art Camps

If your child is passionate about the arts, an art camp may be the perfect fit. Whether they love drawing, pottery and sculpture, sketching, painting, or other arts and crafts, established and reputable camps will offer a way to use art as a medium to enrich your child and enhance the development of important skills. If you’ve got a child that loves to express creativity through the arts, this may be the most suitable camp option in Singapore.

Art-Camps 7 Types of Camps for Kids

7 Cooking Camps

Does your child love the kitchen? Even if their experience is limited to just making their own PB.

cooking-camps 7 Types of Camps for Kids

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