Buying Tips on How to Choose a Comfortable Bed for Aging Pets

The dogs also require a bed to relax at any time they want to catch some sleep. The choice of the bed will depend on the size of the dog as you will need to purchase a bed which can fit your dog, the age of the dog also matters due to comfort and also the sleeping patterns of the dog.

 Tips for choosing the best bed for an aging dog  

1 The materials

The materials used to make the dog bed should the first thing that you look out for. An aging dog will need a bed that is comfortable to sleep on and that has skin-friendly materials. Therefore choose a bed made of foam materials as it is soft to the skin and it tends to provide heat and warmth for the dog when sleeping. The material should also be waterproof such that even when the dog soils the bed, it will be easy to clean off the dirt.

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2 Thickness

The thickness of the bed will be determined by the weight of the dog. As a way of ensuring comfort to the dog when sleeping, the bed also ought to be strong enough such that the dog will not sink down when sleeping. Also, the beds for aging dogs have to be thick enough to keep their bones at a good level off the ground for safety and comfort. So, if you are buying the bed based on the thickness, you can go shopping with the dog to see if the bed you choose to buy is of the right thickness. Or you can weigh the dog and use its weight to buy a bed that is compatible with its weight. But to be on the safe side, consider buying a stronger bed to ensure comfort in case the dog gains weight in the future.

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3 The accessibility

An aging dog does not have enough energy to jump up in order to access a bed that is on a high level and in this situation; you need to buy a bed that is of a low level such that the dog can easily get in and out of the bed at any time. If you choose a shell bed, make sure it has an opening on one side where the dog will be accessing the bed. Also, you can opt for a bed that is not raised for the same purposes.

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4 The size

The size of the dog’s bed is also an essential factor to consider since it influences its comfort. For example, the dog may want to stretch the body while sleeping, and having an extra-large bed would allow it to stretch comfortably. Also, the size of the bed determines the comfort of the dog while lying. So, make sure it is large enough to allow these activities.

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An aging dog requires care just like a human being since it less active and fragile too. Use the above buying guide to help you select the most suitable bed for your dog to ensure comfort and durability as well. If you have more than one dog, buying a larger bed would be ideal in case they want to share the same bed.

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