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What Others Won’t Tell You When Buy Dedicated Server

Once you have outgrown your shared hosting, most probably because your business is constantly expanding, and you possess a business website with more than three thousand visitors daily which is slowing down your site. This is a good indicator that shows you have to move on to a dedicated server. However, even if you have decided that you would need to get a dedicated server for your business, you still have to identify a particular model which is most suitable for your needs. Figuring out all the options available in the market and find out the server which suits you the best can be very confusing, therefore, I am offering you some useful tips which you must study clearly in order to find you perfect server.

A dedicated server is a single computer connected to the internet. The computer and all it’s processing power is wholly dedicated to a single person or an organization, in simple words, the computer resources and the processing power is owned by that single person or organization and is not shared with anyone else. The person or organization has full control on the server and has the right to run any software or program on the computer. Under most circumstances, a dedicated server is used to serve web pages request but can be use for other purposes as well.

We  who are running an organization or business would need a server which combines characteristics such as environmental and user friendly. In addition, the specifications in a dedicated server should not be ignored, the specifications we need to look into include memory, reboots, bandwidth, configuration, software hardware upgrades and many others. Nowadays, there are two major kinds of dedicated servers you may consider, the managed and unmanaged dedicated servers. If you opt for an unmanaged dedicated server for your business or organization, you are purchasing the server and equipment which you have to run on your own. On the other hand, a managed dedicated server provide you with assistance and aid you in setting up and maintaining your server, you would also get constant upgrades of hardware and software which enable you to manage your dedicated server hassle-free and you would never need to deal with any issues regarding your server by yourself, if you don’t have the sufficient knowledge in this matter or do not have a technical team in your business or organization, it is advisable that you buy dedicated servers which are managed by the hosting company.


Why buy dedicated server online instead of a owning a physical server?

Buying a server is a major decision that would involve a big monetary investment, therefore, I would lay out some important consideration you should make before you buy dedicated server.  Cost would be the primary concern in buying a server, most people who has less budget to spare would opt for leasing a server instead of buying it because it would involve a smaller investment, buying an ownership of the server means you are owning and controlling the server on your own. A dedicated server hosting plan involve only around a mere $80 per month and you will be paying as long as you need access to the dedicated server whereas buying a real server will takes around $3000-5000 for a brand new one, therefore, renting a dedicated server is a popular option among business and organizations.

Another popular problem face by many server owners is the server storage, unfortunately, the server, like every other goods on the world, has its lifespan and this period could even be shorten by issues such as dust and overheating. The good news is, we have dedicated servers online which are being hosted by professional collocation facilities and datacenters that are specifically designed to store web servers safely, by utilizing these services we can ensure that our data are with safe hands and rest assured are the security and safety of our business information. This is also a main reason why many business owners and organizations opt for buy dedicated server online instead of choosing a physical server. In addition, server maintenance is also another important factor that causes many to opt for buying dedicated servers hosting online, when you own a physical server, you are responsible to take every matter on your own, in case you have no technician in your company or organization and your technical knowledge is relatively limited, you would be forced to hire a professional technician to fix your problem, this will probably cost you a lot and become an unnecessary spending in your business. Therefore, without qualified technical knowledge and assistance, you are advised to buy dedicated servers hosting online.

One of these great hosting companies is Superb.net Hosting Company, it provides around-the-clock 24hrs a day support to ensure your business and organization operates as usual and store all your valuable information in 3 state-of-the-art data centres, rest assured as the safety of your information and all your problems with owning a server could be solve by utilizing the hosting help of Superb.net Hosting Company, one of the best hosting company online. However, the best part of Superb.net Hosting Company is the incredible powerful platforms it provide and the ultimately attractive pricing it offers, many attractive servers hosting packages are available at low rates, starting at very small costs, you would definitely regret if you don’t check these deals out.

Conclusively speaking, I would say that if you are running a large corporation organization with a large IT support team available at any instant, a physical server would probably serve your needs best and you are able to take any matter in your own hands. However, if you own a small or middle-size business, it would be best to buy dedicated servers hosting online because you can fully utilize the help of professional and enjoy the functionality of a dedicated server at its best, and best of all, you can enjoy all of these at very affordable prices.

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