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British Tips to Melt “Rumen” in a Week

lifestyles and unhealthy food cause obesity, passing everyone stage took the decision to reduce weight or flatten the stomach or dissolve “rumen”, so it must make some exercises that focus on the central region, matched the importance of eating foods soften “Puff”, and help human a feeling of fullness for a longer period.
Here are tips from the book group nutrition specialist Kate Adams, which stresses that it can lose 3 pounds in one week by following the following tips and exercises attendance:

1 – Eating 3 meals a day, to be one of the lunch or dinner is the largest, while the other meal mild Kalshorbh or power.

2 – Do not starve yourself, since failure to eat a meal affects blood sugar, which of course will affect the human will when choosing the next meal.

3 – Start your day with a cup of warm water with lemon juice to clean the digestive system, taking into account the drinking 6 to 8 glasses of water during the day.

4 – Stay away from bread, accounting for yeast in bread breath in the abdomen, and eating slabs wheat better sugary considered as a substitute.

5 – Avoid sugary foods, and choose fruits or eating board “chocolate” dark.

6 – Avoid adding salt to your food; because it caused the imprisonment of water within the body.

7 – Leisurely eating, as you feel full early, and thus digest food faster and prevent any symptoms of puff or gases.

8 – Watched quantities that you put into the dish and all of a smaller dish to resist any temptation to re-fill.

Food resist Puff:

1 – Oats: characteristic saturation because fiber-rich and easy to digest.

2 – Yogurt: yogurt contains beneficial bacteria help the body to digest, and recommended capturing full fat.

3 – Vegetable oils: The family of healthy fats such as olive oil, almonds, walnuts and avocados, and other grains.

4 – Green tea: green tea relaxes the stomach and intestines, also contribute to the stability of sugar levels.

5 – Option: to speed up digestion.

6 – Ideas for sugary snacks: a cup of berries or cherries, banana, figs, 4 pieces dark chocolate, cup of fresh juice, wheat ginger biscuits.

7 – Ideas for meals sour: a cup of coffee yogurt, servings of grains (almonds, cashews, pistachios), half a grain of avocado, crispy vegetables with dish Homs, two pieces of “luncheon meat” and a few tomatoes.

Noteworthy that the rest of the body and the mind of the most important factors to reduce body fat storage, Valhdu example helps to prevent the secretion of the hormone “Koristol”, which is produced by the body when you feel nervous, what causes the body to store fat.

And last but not least, tummy tuck exercises by holding each exercise 16 times divided into two groups, and after a week can restore these exercises 3 sets and finally 4 groups.

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