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Brightbox.co.uk Review !

 About The Host:


Brightbox.co.uk, established in 2007, is providing high-performance virtualised servers which are optimised for Ruby on Rails hosting. All the servers are equipped with RAID hardware storage, preinstalled Rails stack and managed MySQL clusters.

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Brightbox.co.uk Review


 Services and features of The Host:

Brightbox core services include optimised Virtual Dedicated Servers for Ruby on Rails hosting. Customers are provided with shared MySQL clusters, every virtual machine includes an allocation for concurrent connections. Two options are provided for dedicated MySQL, a high availability cluster or a MySQL server.

Other services and products include:

Load Balancing services to increase the reliability and performance of web application. With this service, customers can spread out their applications across several Brightboxes.

Brightbox CDN or Content Delivery Network service is offered to accelerate the delivery of web content around the globe for minimal cost and without hassle.

Silver and Gold support plans are available for customers who want higher level of management and/or support. In addition, customers can benefit from hands-on support service if they want help with configuration issues. There are Ruby on Rails and System Administration experts available to offer professional support during scheduled hours for a charge. The silver and gold plans come with hands-on time, but customers can buy extra time at the normal rate.

Lastly, fully managed backup service is now available for all Brightbox customers. Plus, there is an affiliate program available with generous pay outs for each sale.


 Brightbox Features Include:

  • Managed MySQL cluster
  • Brightbox gem – 5 min deployment
  • UK IP Address
  • Phusion Passenger support
  • Ubuntu 8.04 LTS
  • Guaranteed CPU resources
  • Dedicated RAM resources
  • Root SSH access
  • Gigabit private network
  • RAID Storage
  • Generator and UPS power
  • Redundant public network


 Advantages of The Host:

Ready to go Ruby on Rails – Each Brightbox comes with preinstalled Rails stack, so it will take customers less time to configure their servers.

Scalable – It’s possible to scale upwards to add more RAM or outwards to add more servers easily and quickly without spending a fortune.

Simple and quick deployment – When using Brightbox gem, the Rails app can be up and running in no time.

Total control of server environment – Customers can get total root access to Brightbox server to install and make adjustments.

High-performance infrastructure and hardware – All host servers come with redundant power supplies and fans as well as 8 CPU with 32GB of RAM.

Expert assistance – Brightbox hires a team of Systems Administration and Ruby on Rails experts to provide customers with the best support.

Peace of mind – All infrastructure and network systems are monitored 24/7 and there are experts on hand to respond immediately to all issues. Assistance is also provided through a support helpdesk.


 Guarantees of The Host:

Brightbox.co.uk provides 30 day money back guarantee.


 Reliability Of The Host:

Brightbox.co.uk systems are superior to the traditional dedicated servers, so customers are provided with better redundancy, scalability, reliability and value for money. The company uses high-performance infrastructure and hardware, plus all their network and infrastructure systems are monitored 24 hours daily.


 What I Didn’t Like In The Host:

There are hardly any positive reviews from satisfied customers.


 Customer Support:

Brightbox.co.uk provides support through a ticket system, email and telephone.


 The Host Coupons, Offers Or deals if available:

Brightbox.co.uk has no discounts or coupons at this time.



Brightbox.co.uk provides excellent high performance optimised virtual servers for Ruby on Rails hosting. This company is recommended for those who want scalable high-performance servers for complex, high-traffic ruby on rails app.

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