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BRAZO Table Lamp Review

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When you sit at your desk to work or study, it may take along time for you and it becomes dark around you, at this time you will need to illuminate the place around you. You may use a ceiling lamp or a small lampshade on the desk or table on which you work. You sometimes feel that light is not enough and do not satisfy you. You wish you can control the light to make it closer or to keep it little away in order not to be very strong. BRAZO solves this problem for you.

Brazo lamp is a table lamp for being used on tables and desks in your office or home. Brazo is designed by Pablo Pardo. It is made of aluminum and its arm contains a glass shade. The LED light source inside this lamp gives you strong light.

white1 BRAZO Table Lamp Review
pablo_brazo_table_lamp_b BRAZO Table Lamp Review
pablo_brazo_table_lamp BRAZO Table Lamp Review

Although the lamp looks small, it is very efficient. The optical film lens inside the lamp allows you to control the focus of light. Every thing in this lamp is controlled, you can control the light focus, the  direction and degree of light. You can adjust the direction of the lamp easily to suit your position while you are working by moving the stem up or down for controlling the focus of light. You can also move the source of light it self (arm) higher or lower to 90 degrees, it can also be turned to all directions so it is flexible. The lamp can last for 50,000 hour.

brazo BRAZO Table Lamp Review
90-degrees BRAZO Table Lamp Review
brazo_table_8_1 BRAZO Table Lamp Review

This lamp is stylish and contemporary. Small in size and will not need a large place. It will be a beautiful decorative piece on your desk. You will find many colors such as black, silver, white and bronze. All of those who tried this lamp recommend using it as the best table lamp.

silver BRAZO Table Lamp Review
all-colors BRAZO Table Lamp Review

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