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Bravenet.com Hosting Review !

 About The Host:

Bravenet.com was started in 1997 out of a need to find a decent guestbook to build a website. Today, this company is a leading provider of free web tools worldwide and is ranked among the 50 most visited sites. Over 7 million members are registered to take advantage of Bravenet services and more than 20 million visitors gain access to a product every month.

With a talented and dedicated staff constantly upgrading existing tools and developing new services, Bravenet.com is promising customers nothing but the best in the future.

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 Services and features of The Host:

Bravenet.com provides interactive web apps for blogs, emails, photo albums, guestbook, hit counter, message forums, chat rooms, online calendars, classifieds, web polls, site search, speaking characters and more.

Customers of BraveHost also have access to some powerful solutions for web hosting, FTP accounts, email accounts, database hosting and PHP support. There is also an intuitive site builder available for clients to build websites easily. The website comes with content management systems and many tools like maps, Facebook plug-ins, audio players and much more.

Other services include domain names and email marketing which includes building subscriber list and creating newsletters.


 General Hosting Features Includes:

  • Private domains
  • Webmail and email accounts
  • Databases, w/editor
  • Generous bandwidth and storage
  • User-friendly file manager
  • Site statistics & analytics
  • File transfer tools
  • PHP, w/one-click configuration
  • Text and visual editors
  • Free web advertising to generate traffic
  • Top-notch friendly support
  • Money back guarantee
  • Load balanced web servers
  • MySQL databases, w/ editor
  • Spam and virus protection


 Advantages of The Host:

  • The company has been around for many years, so there is no need to worry that the forum or guestbook will disappear suddenly.
  • Most of the tools are provided free, but customers who want more can opt for the professional versions.
  • Modern website with easy navigation features and a large community of followers. There is something for everyone, including beginners and advanced web designers.
  • Lots of great services with the option to choose what is best for individual requirements. Small codes are available for cutting and pasting, so websites can be modified quickly and easily.
  • A monthly newsletter with information about new services and special offers.


 Guarantees of The Host:

Money back guarantee for full refund on hosting packages; ranges from 7 to 30 days.


 Reliability Of The Host:

Bravenet.com maintains a secure data center facility for all website servers. They will do all the necessary work to protect supporting software and hardware. The technology specifications for reliability include 24/7 connection and server monitoring; redundant and load balanced web servers; 64 bit dual core processors; generator and UPS power backup, plus daily backup storage offline.


 What I Didn’t Like In The Host:

Bravenet.com offers some good tools, but most of them are worthless. Besides that, there are no solutions for dedicated or virtual private servers and their technical support needs improving.


 Customer Support:

Bravenet.com online help center provides support through a ticket system, knowledgebase, FAQs and community forums.


 The Host Coupons, Offers Or deals if available:

There are no promotions or special offers at this time.



Bravenet.com is recommended for small, personal websites. They provide the basic features that is need to host website including bandwidth and storage space, databases, PHP and more!

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