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Bracelet Stacking: 4 Best Tips on How to stack Bracelets

Bracelet stacking has been a trend for a while now, but it is not a new phenomenon. The stacking of bracelets is a common phenomenon in Asian countries such as Sri Lanka and India. The bracelets complement the wearer’s clothes and are a reflection of personal style. Stacking bracelets is one way of expressing your personality, be it bohemian or glamorous. Stacking bracelets is an art of sorts, so here are a few tips to guide you in stacking your best layers on.

1 Start Small and Simple

If you are starting on this stacking journey, it might be more comfortable starting small and simple. Start with three to four pieces that have a common trait, such as going with bangles only, but of carrying colors and widths. Alternatively, you might consider mixing bangles, a cuff, and chains, but in one metal such as gold. Try stacking on one arm before you transition into both arms, to get the hang of it. A wristwatch is counted as a bracelet. You can at least start stacking on the arm with the watch and see how the bangles look with the watch. Another trick is to buy a set of matching, but plain and thin bangles as a base, then throw in a few accompaniments.

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2 Pick a Focal Point

Any great stack begins with picking a focal point. The other bracelets in the stack accentuate the main piece and create an exciting look. The focal point boils down to the focal point or piece you want to emphasize. Pick your favorite bracelet and the other bracelets that highlight the main one subtly.

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3 Mix Materials

With stacked bracelets, the more adventurous, the better. Do not be afraid to experiment with colors and materials. It looks that stands out most blend colors and materials to create a striking effect. Throw on some yellow and white gold, or wear a leather cuff with chains. Mix solid bangles with beaded bracelets. Alternatively, precious jewels with vintage Bakelite or chunky costume jewelry. If you want to run on the wild side, do a Madonna-style with rubber bracelets punctuated with modern metals.

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4 Consider Their Order

Stacking bracelets is not about throwing several bracelets together. The order of the bracelets matters a lot and influences how the overall stacking looks. The decision on the order of the bracelets comes after several experiments. Lay the bracelets on your table and place them in a particular order. If they do not look right, move them around, and try out various arrangements. The rule of thumb is to space out the types and sizes of bracelets, especially the large pieces. Two chunky bracelets side by side will look unbalanced. For two large pieces, add some thinner bracelets to give you a balanced look.

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When is it Enough?

If you are stacking bracelets, you need to ease off on stacking other types of jewelry, such as rings. If you are stacking both arms, wear fewer bracelets on each arm than you would if you were stacking one arm. Extreme stacking works well when you are dressing in single color outfits. Consider your activities, and stack accordingly. If you are going to the office, consider layering appropriately. If you stack both hands, keep the bracelets at a minimum, stacking at least a third or a quarter of each arm, if your arms are long. Wear thicker cuffs and bracelets, and if petite wear thin bracelets, which will make your arms look longer. Silver bangles for women, depending on their size, will look good with most accessories.

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Stacking is an art, but one that expresses your personality. It does not have to be conventional, but can be wild and boho, depending on your mood. The beauty of stacking is experimenting, and you do not have to follow any severe rules. Most times, anything goes, as long as you pick a focal point and build on it from there.

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