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Bookaway Review and Exploring its Popular Routes

Commuting to different cities in a new destination is sometimes a hassle, especially when you don’t know anyone there. Traveling on a low budget makes it even harder. However, bookaway aims to make it easier for you to get to your desired locations either by bus, ferry, train, or car. The booking experience is stress-free with secure payment methods and no nuisance hidden costs. Pay online and get your travel itinerary via email. Furthermore, you are free to cancel anytime you want and the cancellation refund will be processed. Through the bookaway platform, you get information to help you make better travel decisions and adjust your schedules accordingly. You can read through the reviews before committing to anything.

The site covers a lot of routes, once on the home page, search for your desired destinations, and you’ll get more information about it and the options you have. Below are some of the popular routes bookaway covers, to give you a brief overview of what they have to offer:

1 Bangkok to Pattaya

Depending on your budget and personal preferences, you can choose from buses starting from $6, minivans beginning from $8, or hire a car with a chauffer starting from $40. The earliest bus departs at 08:00, and the latest departs at 18:30 p.m. The classes available are touristic and economic. The minivans allow you to book a private ride and leave at whichever time, at an extra cost, of course. The price includes up to a group of 9 people. The cars are the best option for individuals who want privacy.

minibus travel from bangkok to ko chang Bookaway Review and Exploring its Popular Routes - 2

pattaya city Bookaway Review and Exploring its Popular Routes - 3

2 Yangon to Bagan

The recommended mode of commute by bookaway between these two locations is by bus, of which fares start at $10. Multiple types depart from the central terminals. The journey is 10 hours long, so you’d want to travel during the night to get a good rest. The available classes are tourist, VIP, standard, and business. The advantages are that there is luggage allowance, and pick-up is available. The earliest bus departs at 07:30, and the latest departs at 21:30.

buses Bookaway Review and Exploring its Popular Routes - 4

Bagan City Bookaway Review and Exploring its Popular Routes - 5

3 El Nido to Coron

The most popular mode of travel on this route is by sea. However, the airplane option is also available. We’d recommend you go via a ferry for the first time. It is quite an experience, not so much for those who get seasick. The ferry fare starts at $35, whereas the flights start at $124. The earliest ferry departs at 06:00 and the latest at 12:30. The two classes available for the boat are tourist and high-speed, depending on your traveling objectives. There’s only one flight each day that departs at 08:25.

Phimal fast ferry from el nido to coron Bookaway Review and Exploring its Popular Routes - 6

Coron Town Bookaway Review and Exploring its Popular Routes - 7

4 Hanoi to Sapa

It can get cold in this journey; therefore, pack appropriately for this ride. You can choose from buses starting at $11, minivans beginning at $16, Trains starting at $10, or cars starting at $170. There are about 60 bus departures every day with the first one at 05:30 and the latest at 23:40 hrs.  The minivans provide for two options, a shared on and a private one with three classes, i.e., Luxury, van, and standard. The trains depart from the central station, and it is advisable to know the name of your destination in Vietnamese, to avoid confusion at the station.

Train from Hanoi to Sapa Bookaway Review and Exploring its Popular Routes - 8

sapa vietnam surroundings Bookaway Review and Exploring its Popular Routes - 9

5 Cebu to Bohol

Commuting to Bohol from Cebu is recommended by ferry priced reasonably from $12. There are 44 departures every day with the earliest at 05:10 and the latest at 18:40. It is consistently a short duration and makes no stops. Since it is the only mode of travel between the two cities, there are long queues.

ferry from Cebu to Bohol 2 Bookaway Review and Exploring its Popular Routes - 10

panglao beach bohol island Bookaway Review and Exploring its Popular Routes - 11

6 Kathmandu to Pokhara

It is a 6-hour journey, therefore, traveling by bus is a bit tiresome if you’re not used to it. There’s also the option of going by flight. The bus fares start from $10, whereas the trips start from $138. Flights are in plenty with the first one departing at 08:10 and the latest at 14:50. If you’re traveling by bus and want to enjoy the scenery, catch the earliest one at 06:30. Since it is a long journey, the latest bus departs at 07:00.

flight from Kathmandu to Pokhara Bookaway Review and Exploring its Popular Routes - 12

pokhara city Bookaway Review and Exploring its Popular Routes - 13

Bookaway has so many other destinations featured on their website. They are working on expanding their coverage. Therefore if you don’t find the route you’re looking for, they may not have connections there yet. They have 24/7 support available if you need help in booking for any journey. Get instant responses from them via chat, email, or phone.

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