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Comparison Between Bluehost vs Inmotion Hosting Companies

With so many hosting providers out there like Godaddy, 1and1, Host Gator and more, it might seem impossible on which to choose from for your business or personal sites.

Looking for reviews on BlueHost vs Inmotion Hosting?

If so, you’ve got exactly what you are looking for. There are hundreds of reviews online but most are quick and not to the point. Our review comparison lets you know exactly what they offer like the types of features, services, customer service, and so on.

BlueHost features a single hosting plan that attracts all types of  business owners, while Inmotion hosting has their personal web hosting. They also have business class hosting, dedicated servers and VPS. Today we will be making a comparison between Bluehost vs Inmotion Hosting to uncover the best hosting provider for your needs.


An Overview of InMotion Hosting:

Inmotion Hosting first surfaced in the year of 2001 and over the years, they have built a strong reputation. Quite a few people like them because of they are reliable and perform well when it comes to domain hosting or other services. We’ve also found that they offer great customer service which always stands on a professional level. They are located in Los Angeles and also in Virginia.

Right now, they have basic hosting at $3.00 monthly which is pretty competitive in terms of hosting. They also offer a Business Class hosting package for just $5.95 a month. That means if you want to upgrade in order to get more features, you can do this even if you already have their basic plan. Also, Virtual Private Servers are available at $39.95 a month. If you need Dedicated Servers though, expect to pay $199.95 monthly. As you can see, they offer many different products which are based on Linux operating systems.

Aside from this, they also have 24/7 support which means you can call them at any time. We’ve found this provider to be so easy to use and this is why we have not called them yet. Their interface can be used by anyone so if you are new to the Internet, not to worry.


An Overview of BlueHost:

BlueHost has been around since 1996 and although they got off to a slow start, they now host over 600,000 domains. Keep in mind, these domains are registered all across the world. Although they don’t have different hosting plans, they do offer a one-size plan for everyone. If you need something simple and don’t require a lot of features, BlueHost is great for your small business website or a personal site. They also feature anti-spam tools to help you avoid spam emails, and so forth. With them you get vouchers for Google and Yahoo as well.

InMotion has more plans which give you more variety and you are able to have things a bit more customized.

Overall, both of these companies are great but if you want better service, we would advise of going with InMotion Hosting because they have been around for much longer. Also, you’ll see that they have better reviews.

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