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Bluehost Company vs HostGator Hosting Comparison – Which is The Winner?

Are you searching for a hosting company that meets all your needs in terms of uptime, customer service, and features?

Two companies that we have in mind is BlueHost and Hostgator.  These have similar services and both can equally support all of your blogging or business needs. Also, both companies are with the same parent company for most of you who don’t know.

We did a recent study on which hosting company is better and so far BlueHost is number #1 among clients. We are not saying HostGator isn’t a good hosting company because they do have many rich features and also great customer support. HostGator is cheaper hosting company if you look at BlueHost’s pricing.

Bluehost vs HostGator Feature Comparison:



BlueHost gives you unlimited domain hosting, GB space, and GB file transfer. You can also have as many e-mail accounts as you like since it is unlimited. We were happy to pick up our free domain at BlueHost since they offer this to any new customers.

After we chose a domain and everything was set up, it was time to build our site. With their easy to use site builder, we had no trouble creating our website and just used a basic template to get started. They provide secure Shell, FTP, Perl, PHP and Stats.

Before signing up with them, you should take a look at their demo cPanel. This way you can make sure it’s easy enough for you to use. Many hosting providers have a confusing interface or cPanel but BlueHost has made everything simple. You can take advantage of BlueHost by picking up their VPS protection for shared hosting. They have free 1 click installs such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and so on. Also included is a free $75 worth of Adwords credit which is great for those of you who are heavily into advertising.



HostGator offers unlimited hosting, bandwidth and disk space. Included in your plan is a free website builder and you can even try out the demo before you actually use it. They have an easy control panel which can be tested prior to signing up with them. As you can see, HostGator is extremely similar to BlueHost but you’ll quickly learn that BlueHost offers many more features.

At HostGator, they have reseller hosting, VPS hosting, and their dedicated servers. They do have an advantage over BlueHost though since they give a free $100 in Adwords credit. If you are someone who is looking to move from another host, they will actually take care of the process for you by transferring everything. Most hosting companies send you complicated tutorials or give you little help in this.



Final Conclusion:

Overall, we recommend that you go with BlueHost even though they are more expensive. If you want quality service and more features to choose from, they are the best hosting company. However, if you want something that is inexpensive and simple, you could instead use HostGator.

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