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Bluehost Review: Cons & Pros and Hidden Fees To Know

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Editorial Bluehost Review

Bluehost established in 1996, which makes them among the list of earliest hosting companies that continue working and host more than one million websites, with small to big businesses. Being able to continue in that competitive market all these years may say a lot of facts about the quality of their hosting services as will be mentioned in this Bluehost review which they offer.

A lot of smaller hosting providers appeared and disappeared in all these years which Bluehost hosting continues to be offering hosting services to webmasters.

Anyone can expect from such a hosting provider that is running a business so long as Bluehost, their infrastructure network is monitored 24/7 with regular back-up to guarantee data safety. Bluehost hosting data-center comes with up-to-date powerful quad-core processors, UPS/diesel back-up power generators, and mirrored storing back-ups.

BlueHost provides one basic Bluehost Linux plan which is built to meet the requirements of most individuals with very simple web sites to those who own big businesses with complicated requirements needing complex Bluehost eCommerce features with very competitive prices.

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Bluehost Review of Features

The Bluehost one famous web hosting package offers a free domain name when you signup, with the ability to host unlimited domains on the same hosting account and a free site builder.

1. Bluehost unlimited storage space & unlimited Bluehost bandwidth.

2. The popular Bluehost Cpanel & Bluehost Fantastico with more than 50 Simple Scripts installer (Bluehost Joomla, blogs, WordPress, forums, many others…).

3. Free domain privacy feature with your domain names.

4. Bluehost Ecommerce Options:  Shopping Carts, Free generated Certificate, SSL Secure Server, password-secured directories.

5. Free SSH shell access.

6. Free submission to major search engines.

7. CGI, Databases, Perl 5, PHP5, Ruby on Rails, Python, Flash/Shockwave and Javascript/DHTML, CMS, Bluehost drupal, mambo, forum, eCommerce website, project management, blog, classified, directory, survey, mailing list, live chat, wiki site, real estate site, social network, RSS, etc…

8. Daily back-up of website files and Firewall integrated.

9. Bluehost support audio and video streaming, and real media.

10. Bluehost Support: 24/7 Technical and Customer support by live chat, phone, and email support.

11. Free Marketing Features: Bonus promotions included (inc. $50 Yahoo Credit and $25 Google AdWords).

Anytime money-back guarantee (100% Risk-Free)

It’s possible to ask for a full refund if you’re unsatisfied with their services at any time. Bluehost hosting is amongst the very few hosting companies which allow clients to refund on this any time guarantee.

This kind of protection guarantee is really a big benefit point to all clients who have absolutely nothing to lose when registering with Bluehost company.

Bluehost Review of Control Panel

Bluehost provides the popular cPanel for management of all features and options to get full control. Bluehost cPanel is well-known, as it is super easy to understand and offers access to all settings and configurations you may need.

Besides the regular options, Bluehost Cpanel provides an online file manager, simple to use Page wizard, and Bluehost fantastico script.

Bluehost Review of Uptime (Bluehost Reliability)

A good hosting company can keep any percentage of downtime to be a minimum. Bluehost history and tests reported excellent hosting reliability. Its promises and guarantees the highest known reliability 99.9% Bluehost uptime.

What are The Bluehost Negatives

Some visitors asked me what Bluehost negatives are? 

My answer is from our Bluehost users’ reviews and feedback: Being an old, trusted, and the famous company is a big factor that will prevent them from doing any current or future mistakes.

The only Bluehost problem we have seen was having only one basic plan. Some big businesses with very huge traffic may need dedicated servers that are not present with Bluehost.

Other than that Bluehost problem, Bluehost uptime is one of the highest percentages anyone can see.

Bluehost Support

Bluehost offers clients several Bluehost support options. First of all, there’s an online help center, where one can search a big knowledge base on different topics; this’s the fastest and simplest method to fix an issue. This help center additionally offers the possibility to start a direct support ticket.

Bluehost offers 24/7 phone support for those who prefer live human support, either inside or outside the USA.

Bluehost Promo (Bluehost Discount)

Bluehost offers many Bluehost promotion codes and Bluehost discounts from time to time (as Bluehost 3.95 promo per month), But these Bluehost discount codes are not present every day.
Even if this Bluehost promo code not available at the moment, with all their quality features and high reliability, their regular current price is still a big bargain which you should benefit from.

Click on the button below to determine if the Bluehost promo code or any other Bluehost promotion offer is currently available.

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Now, 10 reasons why Bluehost is your best choice

1. BlueHost hosting stands out from others because they are true to their word when it comes to offering unlimited bandwidth transfer, disk space, domain add-ons, and the most reliable MySQL database. The company’s packages are great for new webmasters, developers, and businesses.

2. BlueHost has the latest cPanel on the Linux control panel server which comes packed with many advanced features. All the navigation menus are user-friendly with the normal options for configurations, web-based file manager, Page-Wizard, and powerful Simple Scripts.

 3. This company is also the top hosting service provider because they offer to host plans which include free installation, instant setup, and a pre-loaded script installer. Customers who try BlueHost can take advantage of the best features and excellent technical support.

4. Even though the free domain is not a specific WordPress offer, this is a welcome bonus. This offers a convenient way for customers to organize their content, site, and domain in a single account without having to worry about registration and so on.

5. BlueHost plans start at $6.95 monthly, which makes them a great choice for website hosting (You can get the LOWER price through this discount link), WordPress hosting and Fantastico hosting. Add this to the fact that Bluehost is the # 1 affordable hosting company with an intuitive WordPress interface, one cannot ask for a better company for a personal or business site. They also promise to release new WordPress updates within 24 hours which will provide customers with even more power.

6. This company also offers many promotions with the hosting plans. These promotions definitely allow customers to get more when they sign up for Bluehost hosting solutions.

7. Bluehost’s anytime money-back guarantee is also one of the reasons why they are ranked as the best hosting provider. They are among the few providers that will allow customers to get refunds based on the pro-rated system.

8. When it comes to customer service, BlueHost is consistently ranked high among independent review sites and customers. They provide customers with 24 hours support via toll-free phone that has proven to be an award-winning service. Customers can also get help from the support team using a sophisticated ticket tracking system.

9.  Price value is definitely one of the main reasons why Bluehost is a reliable hosting company. Customers can benefit from great prices and high-quality hosting plans. For an affordable price, Bluehost is also offering more features like web-based emails, Agora Shopping Cart, site builder, Ruby on Rails, and more.

10. BlueHost also have top-grade servers and infrastructure in a data center that is monitored 24/7 to ensure maximum reliability and security. Some of the features include backup systems; redundant diesel/UPS backup generator Opteron Quad Processor and much more. BlueHost customers are not affected by downtime and the high-quality redundant systems ensure that data is available at all times.

Final Conclusion

Based on the positive reviews, it’s obvious that Bluehost is ranked as the best affordable hosting company for small to medium-sized businesses. This just goes to show that they are doing something right!

In general, BlueHost has been doing hosting business since 1996; Their network proved to be reliable and solid with high-quality support; it’s hosting over 1 million domains; and, there are thousands of satisfied clients.

So if you’re searching for an inexpensive but reliable hosting provider, BlueHost will be the web host company you can’t miss.

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Bluehost review of features, pros, cons, services,...
Bluehost review of features, pros, cons, services,…

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  1. My suggestion is for those of you who are considering this company, give them a call. You will see how responsive they are when you do.

    I’m under the assumption that those who are dissatisfied with the service (as small as it is) are those types of customers who can never really be happy. But that’s just me. Again, my suggestion is to call.

  2. We used to host with Godaddy. Their support is atrocious. Bluehost is a breath of fresh air.
    I chatted with their live sales team before signing up. The operator was responsive and answered all of my questions. I then decided to sign up and it’s been a great experience.

    I’ll admit, it took me a little longer than normal to setup my email, but now that it is over I’m in good shape. Good work!!

  3. Being from Germany support at off hours was a concern. I have been surprised at the quality and timeliness of the email support. Most of questions are answered within 20 – 40 minutes!

    Good Work!

  4. Their tech support has been superb. Couple of times I had questions that I needed help with and all of my issues were resolved very fast and to my satisfaction. They also helped me out configuring some aspects of OSCommerce free of charge. I host total of 7 sites with them and I’m very happy with bluehost service, uptime and price.

  5. I had bluehost for 2 yrs. Never had any problems EXCEPT after my hosting had expired for over 4 months they didn’t want to give me an introductory price. They said I wasn’t a new customer. This is not a big deal but it was the attitude they gave me. They wanted $7.95/mo instead of the $5.95 on their splash page. Again, this is not a huge deal but they said if I changed my domain to a .org or anything besides .com I could get the introductory price.

  6. I’m entering my 2nd year of hosting with BlueHost and I would like to let everyone know that their support is wonderful. Also email, which is mission critical to my business, is very good and reliable.

    Thank you BlueHost!

  7. I have been with Bluehost for about 4 years now. My site is always up, I’ve never experienced any downtime. They are very helpful when I call in for assistance.
    My hold time is always under 3 minutes. Everyone that I have spoken with has been so nice and knowledgable.

    Bluehost is a top notch company!

  8. I’ve been with godaddy, startlogic and now bluehost. By far, bluehost has the best customer service. Im not sure what the others are talking about with their negative reviews, I’m assuming that they are the type of people that expect everything in the entire world for little bucks a month.

    If youre a business person like me and value good people, good service and a good value, go with bluehost and you’ll be happy.

  9. I’ve hosted with other hosts in the past, a few that are even listed on this site, and by far Bluehost exceeded all of my expectations. The customer support is like no other customer support – in ANY vertical. They are a very helpful and bright group of people (who are based in USA!)
    The servers are good to me, the email is VERY FAST and the spam filters are great.
    Here are the reasons that I chose them
    1) Price
    2) They don’t host adult(porn) sites (I run a business and don’t need my site on THAT kind of server)
    3) I can host many sites on ONE account and there’s no BS ‘setup fees’ or anything like that

    Here’s what I found after I signed up with Bluehost:
    1) The support is great (they’re really nice)
    2) The uptime has been great
    3) GOOD Anti-Spam Tools

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