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Top 10 Black Fashion Styles For Real Men in 2018

Some men assume that wearing an all-black outfit looks too boring and total black just means losing your own personal style. Those men who think so would be wrong! Remember all black never goes out of fashion. It`s one of the universal fashion styles and at the same time, so diverse as you can easily highlight your all black outfit by simply selecting the right accessories, fabrics or textures.

All black look is a great way for men who don`t want to waste too much time choosing what to wear because it’s very difficult or even impossible to put on all black wrong. Wearing black clothing you can create new outfits almost every day depending on your mood. By the way, total black fits any occasion in your life.

 All Black Street Looks 

If you prefer a casual style dressing up in all black is a cool idea like on InkProfy. But don’t forget that casual street style dislikes mannerism and likes to be a little sloppy and disheveled.

Choose well-fitted T-shirt with a crew or V-neck, short or long sleeves (it doesn’t matter) as there are many variations here and each one will suit you. A slim fit and, of course, torn jeans paired with sleek black shoes can complete your chic everyday look.

Opt a belt, hat, watch or sunglasses for emphasizing your total black casual style.

Besides, pay attention how a coat or jacket can vary your look.

 Formal All Black Outfits 

If you want to look more conservative you can do that without changing your habit to wear black clothing. Here you have two ways of wearing – more or less formal.

Dressing up classic black trousers pairing with a button down shirt without a jacket make your look more professional, but it still remains relaxed.

One more variant of the less formal outfit is to wear a traditional two-piece suit with a crew neck T-shirt.

But when you aim to hit on all with your splendid sense of fashion try to put on classic suit or tux and a black shirt. A dark tie or bow-tie, cufflinks and silk pocket square complete your authoritative look.

You can argue that a tux commonly paired with a white shirt, but just try and you`ll see that here a well-fitting black shirt makes your image discreet, elegant and at the same time fresh. Such outfit looks elegant and suits perfectly for any dress code meeting.

Are you still hesitating? Please, don’t do that! Wear all black style just once and you feel how wonderfully comfortable it is!