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Bizarre Toilet Paper Lip Art … [4 Steps]

Girls have always sought after surprising and uncommon fashion trends whether they are linked to clothes, accessories or makeup. Several makeup enthusiasts are looking high and low for platforms in a bid to make a pitch for their new outlandish ideas and designs. As a result, multiple girls get a bang out of trying on delightful and bizarre lip art that is sweeping on social media: glueing flowers to one’s eyelashes, flecking their eyebrows with bread crumbs and glueing pearls on your eyelids. Twenty-five-year-old Makeup Artist Greta Agazzi is no except gluingocial media figures who influence the path on which fashion and makeup are flickering. Greta has been known for the crazy ideas she has promoted on her Instagram; she has come up with lip art that includes toilet paper, a tool far from being a beauty product.

Here, Pouted offers the steps to maintain the wrinkly yet sparkly lips. 

lipp Bizarre Toilet Paper Lip Art ... [4 Steps] - 1

Interestingly, girls would think that the lips are covered with foil, a coloured one, or probably holographic cellophane. However, the product is far from these; it is toilet paper.

  1. Agazzi adjusts clean toilet paper on her lips.
  2. She lashes glue to attach the toilet paper.
  3. As soon as she managed to stick the toilet paper on her lips, she grabbed toothpick to make sure it looks wrinkly as intended.
  4. Then she applied metallic and matte liquid lipstick from Lime Crime.

The fact that toilet paper applied on the lip did not fall apart after applying liquid lipstick is remarkable.

All of a sudden, you will make your lips look like they were gift-wrapped and that what Agazzi intended, after all.

In an interview with Seventeen, Agazzi said, “I often try to create lip arts focused on the concept of texture. This time I wanted to go for a kind of gift wrap effect.” “Toilet paper is used in the [special effects] makeup to create texture underneath the base, so that’s where I took the technique,” she continued.

As readers have seen the procedures are not difficult; they are easy to carry out. However, as Agazzi says, “The procedure requires lots of patience,” she says.

Greta Aggazi is the kind of artist who finds refuge in creativity. She goes beyond what is commonplace and abandons her comfort zone in a bid to crave her name as a renowned makeup artist as well as influencing the art of makeup on the most garnering social media platform, Instagram.

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Surprisingly, vloggers Safiya Nygaard and Candace Lowry have nailed the look and they have recorded the tutorial, where they were hilariously messing with the tools and claiming they have no idea how to maintain the toilet paper without disintegrating it. However, they finally got it and went parading on the streets, asking pedestrians for their opinions.

lipp vs Bizarre Toilet Paper Lip Art ... [4 Steps] - 4

Moreover, Nygaard and Lowry have gushed to have pedestrians guessing the steps and the main tools used to maintain the look. We have to say the pedestrians had no idea that toilet paper was a main ‘ingredient’. In the video, two mall girls guessed that the vloggers referred to cotton. Unsurprisingly, one of the two girls in the mall found the idea peculiar, but did not let her mind be affected by the fact that toilet paper was involved in the process.

A word to the wise: you cannot judge regular girls trying to nail the look as it, more or less, demands patience and a steady hand. The prospects of having a professional makeup artist giving you the look, is not necessary, though.

Whether you would like to nail the toilet paper lips at a slumber party thrown by you and your girlfriends where you have fun and mess with makeup and take ludicrous selfies or you just love to stroll up the street wearing peculiar makeup, save Greta Agazzi Instagram picture and recite the steps so you can wear it perfectly.

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