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Best Ways for Pearls Care at Home

Pearls used nowadays are considered artificial, although these kinds of pearls have firm paint layers, they are breakable more than other gemstones. In other words, they need more care.

Pearl is created from an organic material called “kosholin”. It is highly affected by acids like sweat, vinegar, juices, and cleaning liquids. These acids change the color and shine of pearls, so you have to clean your pearl to resist these effects causing damage.

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The perfect time for pearl:

You should wear pearls after make up and not before, because these materials destroy the glare of pearls after a month or so. It is preferred to preserve jewelry made of pearl in a leather box or wrap it in a tissue to preserve it.


Use a soft piece of cloth like silicon or chamois to clean the pearl. You can also damp the tissue if you will put the pearl in the open air before storing it. You can also use a diluted soap solution to clean it. If you want to preserve your pearls put a small amount of olive oil on a piece of fabric and clean it.
Do not use rough fabrics or cleaning materials that have ammonia, you also shouldn’t put your pearls in water for a long time because it might lose its natural oil. Avoid scratching pearls and keep them away from rough surfaces and sharp objects.

Pearl strings:

You should see the jewelry seller at least once a year to make sure of the quality of strings holding pearls if they are not quite good then he will replace them. It is better to rearrange pearls in necklaces or bracelets at least once a year.

Nylon or silk strings absorb sweat and humidity and they could be easily broken. If you found a space between pearls then you should replace the string immediately. If you want a special design for you ask the jewelry maker to design your necklace. It is better to leave a space between each pearl so that it won’t be damaged easily.

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