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What is Best VPS Hosting? | Benefits of Using VPS Service?

VPS Hosting or Virtual Private Server is the technology where a physical server is virtually divided into two or more small servers generally known as virtual private servers (VPS) being already split into different parts however all of them provide the benefits that a dedicated server supplies. When users access a particular server, they will never realize they are actually using a shared server; it’s an excellent midway choice between shared hosting and dedicated hosting.

Generally in VPS hosting, errors or faults within one virtual server don’t affect the other servers. because each virtual server gets a unique IP address so that it will not affect the websites hosted on the other servers, each server is independent and completely invisible, your VPS is not required to share applications, services, processes or file system with the other servers, So whatever is going on wrongly with your neighbor servers won’t affect the performance of your personal hosting environment.

Regarding Security, virtual servers don’t have to share processes disk space and TCP/IP stacks, the advanced security and better performance makes VPS web hosting an ideal solution for all sizes of business.

The core benefit of VPS hosting is that it makes you run everything from software and applications to Database servers and operating systems, you can book the amount of memory, CPU capability and storage that you will need. Then use that server to host your own applications.

Since you will not be the only person using the physical server, you will not have to maintain the server, and thus you will save an enormous amount of money. Checking that the sever is always working properly and always online, Fixing all security updates and the required network capabilities are the responsibility of the company that owns the VPS hosting server.


Here are some reasons that will make you in a need to use VPS hosting:

1- You may start with a shared hosting with a specific amount of resources, but as your website starts to grow you might need more resources to adapt with the increase of traffic and clients, but shared hosting can’t provide you with the resources you require, it will be a good time to look into VPS hosting.

2- Anytime you need to customize the way your server operates, you will have to use VPS hosting as it allows its users to have the root access to the server allowing them to make customizations based on their preferences, you will not need to get a dedicated server and you will not get harm by other sites like what happens in the shared servers.

3- As VPS hosting has fewer sites on it, you will not take the risk of your website being in a downtime situation that happens on shared servers because of its limited resources.

4- The major factor of using VPS is the cost, its cost is much lesser than dedicated servers and provides you as a web master with full control comparing to shared servers.


What is Best VPS Hosting Provider?

Inmotion Hosting company considered as the best VPS service because of its reliability, high uptime, popularity and trust, friendly and professional support, regular backup and long money back guarantee.

And by doing deep analysis and checking users reviews, we can’t recommend for VPS hosting any company other than inmotion hosting.

So, if you’re interested in moving to inmotion (best VPS hosting), you can check the complete features:

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  1. In addition to allowing you a greater degree of control over your hosting environment, a VPS is more secure than shared hosting. If a hacker were to gain access to the root of a shared server he could wreak havoc on any or all of the websites on that server.

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