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15 Best Things to Consider Before Presenting a Gift

We all love to receive gifts, whether they are small or big. Gifts are the perfect methods to establish bonds of love and affection. As much as we like to get gifts, it’s not easy to buy a gift for someone. If you are one of those incredibly selective about the gifts they give, if you believe in perfection and making your loved one feel truly loved and special after he/she receives the present, then here are 15 ideas to consider before presenting a gift.

1  Get the Perfect Packaging 

The first way to set an impression for a perfect gift is the perfect wrapping. Until you wrap the gift properly, you present has not received a complete finish. Remember to gift a sober yet safe packaging considering the contents of the gift. Your packaging is the first impression of your thoughts for your partner.

2  Choose the Gift According to Age 

When you are presenting a gift, you shouldn’t forget about the age. Imagine if you are giving your grandmother a toy car or a doll; that would be beyond relevance. Therefore whenever you choose a gift, make sure you think of the age of the person for whom you are buying the gift.

3  Never Forget to Remove the Price Tag 

You should never make a person feel the value of the gift in material terms. It is indeed an impolite gesture. So make sure you remove the price tag before packing the gift. Your gift should be valuable to the recipient in terms of thoughts, not money.

4  Consider the Occasion 

Well, a gift should be bought according to the demands of the occasion. Different occasions demand different sorts of gifting. For example, while a birthday demands something like a cake or a bouquet of flowers, proposals or Valentine’s Day celebrations require something like red roses, rings or customized gifts.

5  Check the Preferences of the Person 

In case you are looking for the perfect gift for anybody, then you must know the preferences of the person before you buy the gift. If your friend is a chocoholic, then the best gift for him/her would be chocolates. Similarly, if your mom is in love with home décor, then the best gift for her would be some ravishing décor items.

6  Are You Buying Gift that the Person Already Has? Check with Him/Her Before You Do So 

We often tend to make a gifting horror by buying gifts that the person already has. To avoid such mishaps, you could ask the person before buying the gift. It may sound a bit impolite to ask about that directly, especially if the person is a distant relation. In this case, the best option is to go for evergreen gifts like flowers, cakes, chocolates, body mists, etc.

7  Consider the Kind of Relation 

This implies taking care whether the relationship is formal or casual. For close relations like friendships or sibling relationships, you can give anything you wish or desire to present. On the other hand, for formal relationships like bosses or teachers, gifts shouldn’t be too personal. Stationery items, flowers are the best ones for this kind of relations.

8  Do a Little Bit of Research 

Your gifting should never be a hassled process. Do a bit of research before you present a gift. It is more considerable to gift something that the person interested in. If your research led you to know what he/she needs, nothing could be better.

9  Customize The Gift 

Whatever gift you might choose, make sure to customize it a bit to show how thoughtful you have been while picking it up. For example, in case you are presenting a birthday cake, go for a photo cake rather than an ordinary one.

10  Include a Message 

Make sure to include a personalized note in the gift. A gift along with a message is a sign of care.

11  Bring in a Surprise Element In Your Gifting 

A surprising gift rather than a normal one always makes a person smile. Plan for a surprise timing like the midnight when you present a gift. It will surely elevate the pleasures of gifting.

12  Let the Creative Spark Accompany You 

We all do hold some creative sparks in us. To make your gift more special make sure you include a bit of you in the gift. Whether it’s a bit of craft or a small poem, include it in some part of the gift to make the person realize how thoughtful you have been.

13  Be Unconventional in Your Choices 

Don’t follow the crowd. Be a little unconventional before you present a gift. Your perfect gift is the combination of customization, innovation, and personalization.

14  Don’t Go by Quantity, Quality is Your Chief Rule 

It’s always better to present a quality gift rather than to go for a number of items. The quality gift would have a longer duration while multiple items, if not chosen wisely, may spoil the gift.

15  Make the Present look mysterious 

Last but not the least, you need to take all measures to make the present turn into an interesting one. So give it a curious look so that the person is not able to guess what’s inside. Try to arise curiosity by dropping hints about the gifts. In short, make it a kind of a treasure hunt game. You may hide the gift somewhere and ask him/her to discover its place. This would surely make the present a memorable one.