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The Basic Elements Found in Best SEO Hosting Services

Internet businesses are exploding on the internet. The potential for improving your bottom line is fantastic. In order for you to take advantage, you must get your website on the internet. Companies have sprung up doing just that.

If you own a business on the internet, you know that you have to have hosting in order to get your products and services on the web. These people host or are your agent for your home on the internet. They hold your account on their servers for a set price.

It’s important to understand that every computer on the internet has an IP address.  This IP address is a series of numbers separated by a dot or period. Each of these sections is represented by a class. The first set of numbers is the “A” class. The second is the “B” class. The third is the “C” class, and the fourth is the “D” class.

You website is located on a server inside a data center. The website is often set up by servers of the same class of IPs. That means that the third number is often the same.
That might look like this. One number is and the second is

The search engines such as Google and Yahoo can see when the sites are linked to each other with the same class C address. When this happens, search engines filter out the links with their ranking algorithms. If you site has too many of these links, your site can be penalized.

Because of this, certain hosting companies came up with a way to overcome this. It is called SEO hosting. The value of an SEO web hosing service is that they will sell your hosting on different class C IP addresses. That way the search engines can’t identify your site with too many cross-links.

The best SEO hosting services are those that have the technology that allows you to have your own control panel so you can assign each of your accounts to its own IP Address.

They will also provide you with tips on how to maximize your SEO. That includes using relevant keywords and not overdoing them.  It also includes getting trusted incoming links form other sites. These can boost your search engine ranking.

You want the best SEO hosing services if you want to maximize search engine optimization. You have found that hosing service if they have the technology to allow you to assign your different accounts to its own IP address.

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