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Best Rated Restaurants in The UK

The UK has some amazing restaurants. From Chinese to Indian to Sunday roasts, the UK has some really talented chefs and great places to eat. Following that thread, here are some of the best-rated restaurants throughout the UK.

The Three Chimneys Restaurant

The Three Chimneys Restaurant is located in Colbost on the Isle of Skye. It might be a bit tucked away in Scotland but this restaurant is worth spending the time to find. Their menu is fantastic. Visitors can book a room with The Three Chimneys and dine at the restaurant. The area is beautiful and perfect for a holiday. Locally sourced produce and a wonderful attention to detail make The Three Chimneys one of the best places to eat in the country. This is made doubly special thanks to the gorgeous surroundings and wonderful staff.

The-Three-Chimneys-Restaurant-675x422 Best Rated Restaurants in The UK

The Old Stamp House Restaurant

If you are ever in the Lake District then a visit to The Old Stamp House Restaurant in Ambleside should be a top priority. The food is amazing and the restaurant won the Cumbria Life restaurant of the year award in 2015. They are open for both lunch and dinner so you can choose when you’d like to eat. The menu has locally sourced ingredients and the flavours are exceptional. However, if you are tired out from a hard day’s walking or other activities then nobody would blame you for ordering some food in. Services like Deliveroo can bring restaurant quality and takeaway food straight to your door step. This gives you a chance to relax and wind down after a long, hard day.

The-Old-Stamp-House-Restaurant Best Rated Restaurants in The UK

The Fat Duck

The first thing that you might see when looking for The Fat Duck on the internet is their unusual and intriguing website. You use a magnifying glass to examine a picture on their main page. This is the first indication as to what kind of restaurant The Fat Duck is. The food is distinctly different with clever twists on classic flavours. The whole place has an Alice in Wonderland style and it makes dinning them a wonderfully different experience that should not be missed. Eating at The Fat Duck is unlike anything else and their great staff and truly delicious food whisk you away to another world. Located in Bray-on-Thames, The Fat Duck is must visit.

The-Old-Stamp-House-Restaurant Best Rated Restaurants in The UK

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