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The Best Prank Mail Gifts You Can Send This Holiday Season

Sometimes there’s nothing funnier than sending your friend a prank gift in the mail. Whether it’s an inside joke or a gag gift, sending the right gift and making sure it gets to the right place is important. The last thing you want is to send a prank gift to the wrong address and end up with someone who’s modified or confused.

Whether you’re looking for some prank gift inspiration or want to know what’s acceptable to send in the mail, you’re in the right place. Read on to learn everything you need to know about sending prank gifts in the mail.

Prank Mail Gifts

What Are Some Good Prank Mail Gifts?

There are some really good gifts that you can prank people with, so we’ll take you through our top five choices. These are all legal gifts that you can send so you can enjoy some harmless fun.

The Impossible Box

The Impossible Box is an instant classic. It’s a box that’s basically impossible to open without cutting it into pieces. It looks like a standard postage box and includes some rattling pieces inside to make it sound like something is there. Your friend will probably hate you for this but it’s definitely forgivable.

There is also another version of the impossible box that’s one big box with a lot of smaller boxes inside, which means they’ll be opening boxes for 20 minutes only to realize there’s nothing in the box.

The Glitter Bomb

Moving on to something a little less forgiving, we have the glitter bomb. These are spring-loaded capsules that contain a massive amount of glitter. They’re packed into small cylindrical tubes, so you’ll also need a special package to avoid them noticing that something is wrong before opening the glitter bomb. Once your friend opens the package, they’ll be left with glitter everywhere.

Prank Lottery Tickets

Next, we have the prank lottery tickets, which are just fowl. These tickets are fake scratch-off tickets that are guaranteed to have $10,000 to $1,000,000 of winnings. Unfortunately, it’s not real, and they can learn that the hard way when they go to cash it in. This one is bound to make you some enemies, so be careful who you send it to. It also helps to tell them first to save them the heartbreak of getting laughed at by the lotto machine.

Chocolate Poop

A fan favorite is always the poop prank; how could you not like the look on someone’s face when they open a box to a pile of poop? Well, in this case, the pile of poop is chocolate, so at least it won’t smell. Good luck convincing them to eat it but we bet they’ll be shocked upon opening a big box filled with chocolate poop. That said, the chocolate is good quality if they can stomach munching on what looks like poop.

Rude Singing and Pop-Up Cards

Last but not least we have the rude singing cards or other prank cards. These cards will either sing a rude song when someone opens them or have something pop out of them when the card is opened. Some examples include Happy Birthday in a mean tone or something inappropriate coming out of the card once it’s opened.

These are some of our favourite prank gifts that you can send in the mail.

Make Sure You Send Your Prank Mail Gifts to the Right Place

The last thing you want is to send a prank gift to the wrong person. Imagine a stranger’s surprise when they open a bag of mealworms because your friend mentioned they “Wanted some grub.”

For this reason, we always recommend verifying the person’s address before sending the prank gift. To do so, run the address you’re planning on using through a reverse address lookup tool (you can find one here) to see if it matches their information. All you need is the address, city, and state to get your results.

This is also better than asking them directly, especially if you want to remain anonymous, which we highly recommend if the prank is a bit over the top.

Send Out Your Prank Mail With Confidence Today!

Prank mail is hilarious, especially if you have friends or family members with a good sense of humour. In fact, you can even send some of the gifts we covered to your enemies as well.

Still, make sure you consider the temperament of the person and your relationship with them before sending anything that might really upset them. Also, always verify the address to avoid having the wrong person open your prank mail gift.

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