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10 Best Practices to Get More Instagram Likes

There are more than 2 billion monthly active users on Instagram from all over the world. Even this can solely make Instagram one of the best online platforms to promote your products or services. Businesses and individuals compete with each other to grab the attention of those users tirelessly to promote their brand. When it comes to measuring their success, Instagram likes are one of the most helpful metrics to determine that. So it is safe to say that if you have more likes on Instagram than your competitors, then you are doing a better job at promoting your business. In this article, we listed 10 best practices to get more Instagram likes right below:

1 Post Great Photos

Although Instagram is becoming a more and more video-centric social platform, photos are still incredibly important to get more likes. You can work with a professional photographer or acquire better lighting and camera equipment to shoot great photos.

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2 Repost User-Generated Content

Similar to other social media platforms, great content is always created by its users on Instagram. You can follow creative Instagram profiles to repost their content on your profile. So with minimal effort, you can increase your likes. However, always credit the original creator and ask permission before reposting.

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3 Stay Active on Other Profiles

The Instagram algorithm loves engagement. If you keep your engagement levels high with other profiles that are relevant to your niche, your comments might be featured on their feed. Besides this, commenting and giving likes to other content is sure to increase your visibility on Instagram. Increasing your chances to get Instagram likes greatly in return.

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4 Post Consistently

Instagram users check their feed often, and they follow a lot of other profiles. In order to stand out among millions of profiles, it is sensible to post on a regular basis. It is a good practice to post at least daily to keep your audience updated and engaged.

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5 Have a Visual Pattern

Instagram is a visual-based platform with countless aesthetically appealing profiles. Some of those Instagram accounts can have a better overall look than your profile. However, curating your posts in compliance with a visual pattern can make your profile stand out more. You can use a color pattern, same aspect ratios, or objects to create a unique look for your Instagram profile.

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6 Ask Your Followers to Tag Friends

You should ask your followers to tag their friends on your posts whenever it’s suitable. You can run contests, giveaways, ask opinions, or use call-to-action phrases to increase your engagement with your followers and their followers.

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7 Post More Videos

According to various surveys, videos on Instagram have much higher engagement rates in comparison to other forms of content on the platform. You should post more videos on your Instagram profile and utilize Instagram Reels to get more likes.

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8 Write Engaging Captions

Captions are crucial to get more Instagram likes. On the contrary to the common belief, most Instagram users actually read captions. You should take the time to create more engaging captions for your posts. Longer-than-usual captions can also work to get more likes if they are well-written.

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9 Analyze Your Audience

Before you start working on your content, you need to know what your target audience loves. So you can create more engaging content for them. You can utilize Instagram analytics or third-party tools to analyze your target audience.

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10 Get Instagram Likes from an Instagram Likes Provider

Having a constant flow of likes on Instagram can be challenging. You can work with a trustworthy provider to get Instagram likes effortlessly. You can try the best place to buy Likes

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Instagram is one of the most frequently used social media platforms in the world and arguably, the best platform to promote a business or brand. To promote your business effectively on Instagram, it is important to get constant likes from your followers. In this article, we briefly explained the best practices that can get you more likes on Instagram.

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