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What You should Know About Best Personal Web Hosting Services

If you are planning to create a personal website anytime soon then you are in luck.  Unlike professional ecommerce websites, personal websites can be rather inexpensive to setup and maintain.  If you design your own site, then domain name registration and monthly hosting will be your main expenses.  Domain names can be purchased from multiple online vendors.  Yearly domain name registration prices can range from between two and twenty dollars.

Usually the largest expense for a website would be the hosting.  But best personal hosting service is very cheap when compared to hosting prices for some of the larger commercial sites.  I have heard stories of webmasters with huge video sites paying hundreds of dollars a month for web hosting.  Your personal website hosting should never cost this much.  Actually, if you are only making a small hobby site or a personal blog, you may be able to find free web hosting.

If you do opt for the free hosting, be prepared for a website with a longer domain name.  You will also have a significant amount of screen space used by third party advertising.  Companies that provide free web hosting earn revenue with the advertising space on your website.  Some of these companies will even advertise that the website is a free site created by their company.  This may not bother many free website owners, but would be unacceptable for many webmasters who are running a website as a business and want to appear professional.  The average internet user is a casual web surfer.  If you are just posting pictures and stating your personal opinion on different topics, then free webhosting may be for you.

Be aware that there is a downside to free web hosting.  When you are paying for web hosting and a domain name, you are effectively paying rent on someone else’s server.  That website belongs to you and you only, and you can only be removed by the authorities if you break certain laws.  But, when you sign up for free web hosting, you are essentially squatting on someone else’s property.  They can kick you out with no warning and you will have no legal recourse.  There are many horror stories of people who tried to save a few dollars by blogging on a free platform only to wake up and find their blog had vanished and all their articles were gone forever.  So, if you choose free web hosting you may want to back up all your files and content.  And, always remember that you truly do get what you pay for.

Many web hosting companies will add extras to their packages to sweeten the deal.  Some web hosting companies offer free website builders to help you get started.  It is also common for web hosting companies to offer reseller programs.  These programs allow users to sell space on the parent hosting company’s server without the users having to purchase their own server.  This can save users thousands of dollars and provide them with an additional income stream.  Many web hosting companies will also throw in extra perks like 24/7 customer support and video tutorials to help you with the setup process.  In my experience the best personal web hosting company is a2hosting company.

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