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The Best Pearls Shapes Suitable For Evenings and Parties

Pearls are put under careful classifications. These classifications are well known among the merchants and experts. These classifications are done according to the quality and the shape of the pearl. This classification is done by using sieves with different size holes. The value of the pearls depends on two scales the first one is quality and the second is weight. It is divided according to types and weight.


Is the large pearl, and it is called “Alhambra” in the Arab Gulf. It is not perfectly round you can find the oval, the tapered head, and the pear shape. Pearls have many colors like white, brown, black and blue

Brown pearl necklace
Brown pearl necklace


Earrings made of pear shaped pearl
Earrings made of pear shaped pearl


Ring made of oval pearl in the middle surrounded
Ring made of oval pearl in the middle surrounded with small round pearls


Simple necklace made of white pearl
Simple necklace made of white pearl

The middle

One of the shapes of the smaller pearls it is smaller from the head then it gets a little bit large. It can take the shape of half moon and the base is flat. It has many different names one of them is (olive) and it also has many colors like white, pink, and light blue.

A set of earrings, ring and pendant made of pink pearl
A set of earrings, ring and pendant made of pink pearl

The tail

Comes right after the middle in size. It represents the majority of the medium sized pearls. Some of them are perfectly round while others have pear and cone shapes.

Different shapes of pearls
Different shapes of pearls

Similar to the middle, but it has a natural cavity. Its color is ranging from pure white, glassy to yellowish and grey blue.

White round pearl
White round pearl

The oval shape of pearl.
The pear shaped pearl.
The unknown
A pearl peeled after taking it out of the water.
Water pearl
Usually it is put in water till the pearl become clear.
Lenticular pearl
It takes the shape of lentos.
It takes the shape of hasbat.
Dana hory
The pearls that have the same color or weight.


The pearl that has absorbed sea water.


Is found in the shell itself.

The jewana or the jewan

Is a big size round pearl with white color mixed with light pink coming out of its centre. It is one of the finest quality of pearls.

Rough pearl

It is considered the lowest quality of pearl. It is less beautiful than jewan. It has the same way of manufacturing but it is a little pit smaller.


Is the pearl that is stuck to the shell.
The muri
It looks like tamarind.


Points to the shiny good pearls. It has an oval or tear drop like shape.


A Persian word means the attraction of the color.


The worst type of pearl usually it is black or brown.


They look like shrimps.

The egg

It looks like eggs. It has oval shape.


Which is the baby smooth pearls that stay in the fifth to the seventh sieve.

The bokka

Very small soft pearls. Sometimes it is not possible to drill a hole in them.


Pearls smaller than the sehteet.


The dust of the pearls, smaller than the bokka and used by the spice dealers as medicine.

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